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[Pick] “Chill Trump~” Toonberry blown out loud

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Sweden’s 17-year-old youth environmentalist Greta Thunberg struck a heavy’one blow’ at US President Donald Trump.

'Really, Trump~

On the night of the 5th night of Stockholm local time, Thunberg quoted President Trump’s tweet on his Twitter, saying “STOP THE COUNT!”
“It’s funny. Donald has to deal with his anger control problem, and go see a good classic movie with a friend!”I said. In addition
“Chill down Donald, calm down!”I wrote.

16-year-old environmentalist Thunberg, Time magazine's Person of the Year
'Really, Trump~

In fact, this phrase was changed only by giving what President Trump said at the end of last year aimed at Thunberg.

President Trump left a post on December 12, saying, “(Time magazine’s selection) is very funny,” when Greta Thunberg was selected as the’person of the year’ by Time magazine at the end of 2019. He paid back by living the phrase.

'Really, Trump~

At the time, Thunberg responded to President Trump’s criticism by changing his Twitter account self-introduction to “A teenager struggling with his anger control problem. He is calming down and watching a good old movie with his friend.”

Last month, he posted a support post saying that “it’s not enough from a climate point of view, but you should vote for Democrat Joe Biden.”


As the results of the US presidential election skewed toward Biden’s victory in a close battle, President Trump filed a lawsuit against major players to stop counting votes, alleging’election manipulation’.

Even if the counts of the remaining states are finalized and the results come out, extreme confusion is expected to continue until the case is finalized in the Supreme Court.

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