[Pick] “Don’t let the deer lick your car”… Canadian’exotic’ warning

In Canada, unique warnings have appeared in mountain villages and are attracting attention.

On the 22nd, CNN and other foreign media reported that a warning appeared in Jasper, Alberta, Canada, saying, “Don’t let deer lick your car.”

Jasper is a small rural village surrounded by the Rocky Mountains, and as of the end of November, a lot of snow is already falling. So, snow removal salt is sprayed on roads and cars to prevent snow from freezing.

'Don't let the deer lick the car

The problem is that the wild deer’elk’, who loves the’salt taste’, lights up the snow and runs into it. The elk is the largest animal in the deer family, called the moose and camel deer.

Jasper National Park spokesman Steve Young said, “Usually elk gets the minerals it needs from the salt lakes in the park,” he said. “But now I’ve realized that I can get salt when I get out of the road.” In addition, the snow-making salt was compared to elk as a’unbearable snack’.

“It is dangerous for both the driver and the animals if it becomes a habit for an elk to lick salt from a car,” he warned. “Unlike other wild animals that run away when threatened, an elk may suddenly run into the car.”

The best way, accordingly, has been told by the authorities, is to go without stopping when you see an elk approaching by car. He also stressed the importance of not trying to communicate directly with other wild animals.

'Don't let the deer lick the car

In particular, a national park official said, “The number of elk is increasing as the number of elk’s natural enemy wolves decreases. This situation means that people must respect the changes in natural ecosystems and provide space for wildlife.”

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