[Pick] “Give me the down payment” Pregnant woman who cuts off the dress displayed at the wedding shop

At a wedding shop in China, a pregnant woman who could not get her down payment back had torn more than 30 wedding dresses with scissors.

According to foreign media such as Zhupai Shinwon in China on the 14th local time, Jang Hong entered a wedding shop in Changjin, Chongqing, China on the 9th and cut the wedding dresses on display with scissors.

A total of 32 wedding dresses were cut by Jang Hong’s scissors, and it is known that they cost 70,000 yuan (about 13.12 million won).

The wedding shop staff filmed Jang Hong’s travels at the time and shared it on social media. In the released video, Jang Hong holding a pair of scissors is seen cutting the white wedding dresses hanging on the display of a wedding shop one after another, and then shearing the red traditional Chinese dresses on the other shelves as well.

When the wedding shop employee warned, “Think carefully about what you’re doing now. A wedding dress costs thousands of yuan.” Jang Hong said, “Is it only a few thousand yuan? It doesn’t matter if it’s tens of thousands of yuan.” .

In April of last year, Jang Hong signed a wedding package worth 8,000 yuan (about 1.5 million won) with the wedding shop. However, in August, Jang Hong said, “I was pregnant,” and the wedding, which was scheduled for October of that year, was postponed once. Then, in November, he demanded a refund of the down payment of 3,500 yuan (about 660,000 won), saying, “I want to cancel the wedding itself.”

The wedding shop informed Mr. Jang Hong that the deposit could not be returned according to the internal policy. Instead, he offered to hold a party for 100 days after the baby was born, and Jang Hong accepted the proposal from the wedding shop.

However, on that day, Jang Hong suddenly appeared at the store with scissors and cut off the wedding dress in anger. Jang Hong was arrested by the police who responded to a report from a wedding shop employee.

The manager of the wedding shop said, “I was afraid that something would go wrong because Jang Hong was pregnant, so I couldn’t actively stop her. I apologized for it,” he explained.

He continued, “We asked for 50,000 yuan (about 9.38 million won) as compensation for damage, but Mr. Jang said that he could reimburse up to 30,000 yuan (about 5.63 million won) for economic reasons. We will take action,” he said.

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(Photo = ‘What’s on Weibo’ Twitter capture)



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