Home World [Pick] “It spins”… A squirrel drunk after eating’fermented pear’

[Pick] “It spins”… A squirrel drunk after eating’fermented pear’

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In an American home, a squirrel was caught eating fermented pears and appearing drunk.

On the 25th local time, foreign media such as Fox News in the US introduced a video filmed by Katie Moloch from Dakota County, Minnesota.

In the video, there is a squirrel sitting at a table and eating food. However, the body gradually leans back and cannot hold the center properly. Opening your mouth with a blank expression and staring into the air may seem like we are drunk.

The squirrel, who has been there for a while, suddenly tries to re-center as if his mind has returned, but the body begins to tilt once more. After a full minute passes, it returns to its original shape.

A squirrel drunk after eating'fermented pear'

Mr. Fallak said that it has become a hobby to watch squirrels through the window while living at home recently. As I was providing food, I had a regular visitor, and one of them was’Lillered’ in the video.

Lilled was the first to show interest in the old ship Mr. Downfall found while cleaning the refrigerator. But when I looked at it an hour later, something was wrong.

A squirrel drunk after eating'fermented pear'

Mr. Downfall confessed, “I looked up and released it on the Internet if the squirrel could eat the pear.”

He said, “I never intentionally made a squirrel drunk,” he said, “I thought I liked it, so I put out a few more, but after seeing this, I immediately retrieved the ship.”

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(Source =’Piggy Girl 2010′ YouTube)


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