[Pick] “The cut and perm sections were divided into 12 areas”… How to calculate the price bomb of a Chinese beauty salon

A Chinese beauty salon is causing controversy by charging its customers 900,000 won in exorbitant fees.

On the 11th local time, Hong Kong’s South China Morning Post (SCMP) reported that Mr. Liu, a man in his twenties, was hit with a bill of 4,776 yuan (about 900,000 won) after cutting his hair and perming.

Liu was told earlier this month that he had to pay a total of 4,776 yuan (about 900,000 won) after styling his hair at a hairdresser in Hangzhou.

Before starting the styling, Mr. Liu was informed by the hairdresser that the total cost of the service was 398 yuan (about 70,000 Korean Won). After he finished styling, the price was 12 times higher than the price he had previously called.

When Liu, angry, protested, the hairdresser replied, “The amount of 398 yuan (about 70,000 Korean Won) is the cost of styling ‘part of the hair’.”

He also explained, “We divided the entire scalp into 12 areas, so we charged 12 times the cost.”

Liu refused to pay the service fee to the ridiculous answer, and the hairdresser suggested, “You can get a 50% discount on the membership price.” In the end, Liu made a membership card worth 3,000 yuan I got out of the hairdresser.

After that, Mr. Liu posted the story on social media in China, and as the story spread to the local online community, the Hangzhou Market Supervision Bureau launched an investigation.

In the investigation, the hairdresser explained, “I used expensive medicines such as clinics for Mr. Liu,” but as a result of investigation by the Hangzhou Market Supervision Bureau, it was revealed that the hairdresser used drugs illegally priced at only 20 yuan (about 3,800 Korean Won).

In addition, it was found that the salon has been selling membership cards, etc., by creating a threatening atmosphere for customers who visit alone like Ryu.

Accordingly, local authorities viewed the act as consumer deception and ordered the hair salon to close its business.

(Photo = Baidu)


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