Home News pickup truck Big bike crashes into a full body, skids 50 meters, terrifyingly broken arm.

pickup truck Big bike crashes into a full body, skids 50 meters, terrifyingly broken arm.

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pickup truck Big bike rides and crashes into the body, skids 50 meters, his arm is torn off, terrifying on Sakon Nakhon Road. Villagers tell about this point, they secretly return their arrows regularly.

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In the early evening of October 29, 64, Pol. Lt. Col. Thongsamrit Unwises, investigative officer at Kamin Police Station, Sakon Nakhon Province, received a notification of an accident where a big bike collided with a pickup truck. The incident on Nittayo Road Sakon Nakhon-Udon Thani, Km.16, Ban Phan, Kamin Subdistrict, Mueang District, Sakon Nakhon Province, there were injured people, so they coordinated with Sakon Nakhon Hospital. Rattanakanya Foundation and nearby rescuers check out

The scene of the accident was on the inbound road to Sakon Nakhon. U-turn intersection of the road on both sides Found a brown Toyota pickup truck. Park facing Udon Thani province. The condition of the front of the car was damaged from the force of a collision until the driver’s cabin. Know the name of the driver, Mr. Ekaphan, 28, a villager in Muang district, Sakon Nakhon province, was injured. Officers rushed to Sakon Nakhon Hospital.

Near each other, found a big bike, Yamaha brand, black, completely damaged condition. About 50 meters away, the body of the injured man was found, known as Mr. Pranop, 28 years old, Phanna Nikhom district, Sakon Nakhon province. His right arm was torn in half an elbow. have a wound on the body The officers tried their best to save lives. but can’t hold his life later died

Ask the eyewitnesses to know if The pickup truck drove backwards across the road. coupled with the big bike coming fast and the area is quite dark therefore collided violently causing injuries and deaths

From asking villagers in the aforementioned area, it was found that at the scene of the accident, drivers cut the lane in reverse on a regular basis. Therefore, I would like to leave the relevant people to come down to solve the problems in the area as well. To prevent serious accidents that may occur again

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