“Pico Neo3 Link” is recommended for VR games. It costs 40,000 yen! #TGS2022 | Gizmodo Japan

Actually nowBest standalone VR headset to buy.

The Quest 2 price hike has sparked outrage on social media, but to be honest, I think it’s been too cheap, given what you can experience. Until now, when you could buy a VR headset with many games for ¥30,000, it could be a legendary era.

And with the Quest 2 price change, the degree of coverage has increased significantlyConnect Pico Neo3“is.49,280 yen with 256GB storageAnd this guy is also reasonable.

Photo: Ryota Musha

A big booth where you can see how enthusiastic he is.

Photo: Ryota Musha

Experience content includes the sports game “ALL IN ONE SPORTS GAME”, the VR RPG “Ruins Magus”, and the fitness app “Les Mills BODYCOMBAT”. therefore,You can also play “Ruins Magus”! This is a book made in the context of a pure and true Japanese RPG,Perfect for Japanese game lovers to experience VRWhat is it?

Photo: Ryota Musha

Pico Neo3 Link’s biggest selling point isThe battery is in the back of the head strapthing Because there is a heavy object behind, it is difficult to go front heavy. Even if you shake your head up and down, left and right, the headband will not slip off easily.Works well with action games and fitness appsI do not know.

It will be a device for Steam VR games and apps related to a dedicated app store or PC game app. Please note that there is no purchase or installation of content for Quest 2.

Source: TGS2022

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