Pictures of Anushka and her daughter in the gallery were widely circulated after the half-century was taken; Later, Virat Kohli took the stage again, requesting that his daughter not be photographed or copied

Cape Town: ( 24.01.2022) Anushka and her daughter’s pictures were taken from the gallery after they scored a half-century during the third ODI against South Africa. Soon after completing his half-century, Kohli dedicated the achievement to the baby through a ‘cradle celebration’.

Koli’s celebration was looking at the gallery. After this, the camera eyes extended to Anushka and Wamika who were standing in the gallery. The picture of Koli’s daughter was widely circulated on social media.

However, Kohli made it clear in his Instagram story that the picture was taken completely unexpectedly without their knowledge or consent. Kohli said the old policy of not taking pictures of the baby and spreading it was still there.

Kohli wrote on Instagram:

‘Dear, I understand that a picture of our daughter was taken at the stadium yesterday and then widely circulated. This picture was taken quite unexpectedly without our knowledge. We did not know the camera was pointing at us. ‘

‘Our position on the release of our daughter’s picture has not changed. We request that you stop copying and publishing Wamika’s image for the reasons we have explained earlier. Thank you ‘wrote Kohli.

Kohli and Anushka had earlier issued a joint statement opposing the publication of their daughter’s picture. The two made the request with a request to respect privacy.

Kohli and Anushka said at the time that their daughter’s picture would not be released until they were old enough to recognize what social media was all about and to make their own decisions.

Anushka had recently come to the scene to thank those who complied with this request without taking a picture while taking the baby with Kohli on trips for cricket series.

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