“Pie Rinlada” tested positive for coronavirus after “Chollumpi” informed the fitting team that he was infected, while “James Mar” was negative. No infection.

came out to report that he had tested positive for COVID-19 another one already For the heroine of Channel 3 “Pie Rinlada” The news revealed a timeline via Instagram after testing positive. by revealing that Chollampi company called to inform that the team that came to the fitting on December 23 has contracted the covid When he tried to test ATK and found that he had the infection, he went to the hospital to check. for clarity before being informed that he had a positive result He is now in the hospital. no symptoms Ready to apologize to all parties for causing concern and concern.

while young “James Mar” playing the same drama came out to reveal a negative test result in quarantine Along with asking everyone to support Pie Rinlada as well.



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