Pikmin Bloom 3rd Community Day will be held on January 22nd, “Tsubaki” and coin increase –Engadget Japanese version

Pikmin Bloom

Pikmin Bloom will hold a “Community Day” event on Saturday, January 22nd.

The special big flower this time is “Tsubaki”. In addition to the customary 10,000-step commemorative badge and accelerated seedling growth, this time there is also a bonus to double the coins earned from flower planting.

Pikmin Bloom 3rd Community Day Event Overview (January 2022)

Date and time


  • When you plant ordinary white, red, yellow, and blue flowers, the big flowers always become “camellia”.

  • Get the Tsubaki badge in 10,000 steps

  • Seedlings grow 1.5 times faster.If you plant flowers, it will be even faster

  • Double the bonus coins for flower planting. Normally, 500 coins are used for 1 coin, and 250 coins are used for 1 coin.Up to 60 sheets

Pikmin Bloom

Pikmin Bloom

Tsubaki is a new kind of big flower. It was added from the New Year as a rare flower that blooms rarely. On the 3rd Community Day, if you plant and grow free flowers (red, white, blue, and yellow) around big flowers, they will always grow into camellia.

Also, from this Community Day, the camellia extract can be obtained from the fruit of the challenge (the one who does not resist mushrooms) reward.Fruits containing traditional poinsettia extracts will no longer be available

If you want to keep the poinsettia petals and extracts, you need to collect them before Community Day on the 22nd.

(It is not clear how to benefit from leaving the petals of poinsettia, but there is an effect that you can plant poinsettia to make it gorgeous by planting flowers, and if you plant it around big flowers, you can expect the flowering of poinsettia.)

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