Pilot operation of the agency’s comprehensive help center… Contract consultation and dispute resolution

From the first half of next year, legal support such as litigation for small agencies will also be provided.

The Fair Trading Commission announced on the 25th that it would be piloting the agency’s comprehensive support center from the 26th.

The Agency’s Comprehensive Support Center provides education and counseling to establish a fair agency transaction order.

Through the public bidding process, the Korea Fair Trade Commission was selected as the commissioned implementing agency.

First of all, in the second half of this year, when signing a contract with an agency, consulting on contracts, etc., there will be complaints and disputes related to agency transactions, guidelines on reporting, dispute resolution, litigation procedures, and damage prevention training. be provided.

We also provide training and counseling to our suppliers to prevent breaches of the law.

Through this, we intend to support the handling of various complaints experienced by agencies, such as coercion to buy, coercion to provide economic benefits, enforcement of sales targets, provision of disadvantages, and interference in business activities.

After a pilot operation for 5 to 6 months, the business will be expanded to support litigation representation and complaint filing for small agencies from the beginning of next year.

Information sessions for the dissemination of the Fair Trade Compliance Program (CP) and support for the evaluation of the implementation of the Fair Trade Agreement are also scheduled to begin in earnest from next year.

An advisory body between supply organizations and agencies is also regularly implemented to promote mutual consultation.

The FTC said, “We intend to secure the manpower and financial resources required for normal business from next year onwards, but given the urgent need for assistance in the agency sector, we have decided to pilot the help desk from the end of this month.” support you,” he said.

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