Pilot project - with mentors in politics - Ebersberg

Two young women from the district receive support from experienced Greens

Antonia Schüller from Steinhöring and Tina Lucka from Pliening are part of the first mentoring program of the Bavarian Greens. Her mentors Waltraud Gruber and Helga Stieglmeier are among the most experienced local politicians in Bavaria.

Antonia Schüller from Steinhöring, who just graduated from high school, is the youngest member of the Ebersberg Greens: "I feel it is a necessity to be politically involved as a young woman in order to incorporate my ideas, because politics is also at the local level Often a man's thing, that must change! " Tina Lucka co-founded the Ortsverband Pliening in March 2019. Since then, she is spokeswoman on the local council: "I would like to push green policy in our community and therefore will run for the local elections in 2020 for our local council."

Waltraud Gruber, local politician and deputy district administrator for 35 years, will be looking after Antonia Schüller: "I am eager to pass on my experiences and I am especially pleased to be allowed to work with Antonia – such a young and dedicated woman 2019 and still I am the only political representative in the district committee of the district – that must change! " Tina Lucka mentored Helga Stieglmeier, the figurehead of the Erdinger Greens.


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