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Piloting a 5% reduction in GPs in June, October, joining hands with Food Delivery to help restaurants.

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31 May 2021 06:05

OCT reveals good news. Food delivery, including Grab, Lineman, Gojek, Foodpanda, join forces to reduce the GPP collected from restaurants by 5% from 30% to 25% for 1 month starting from 1 to 30 June. Gp collection Because it is better with restaurants during COVID Confirm if COVID continues to spread severely OCT. Prepare to reduce the GP long.

Mr. Somsak Kiatchailak The Secretary-General of the Competition Commission (ABC) said in the past that there have been many complaints from restaurants that digital service providers receive and deliver food. (Food delivery) charge a fee for the service. The high rate of sales share (GP) of 30-35% of sales resulted in restaurants in great distress during the COVID-19 epidemic. The Office of the Trade Competition Commission (SOD) therefore asked for cooperation of food delivery service providers to reduce their GPP. To help the restaurant Five operators, Grab, Lineman, Gojek, Foodpanda and Robin-hood are willing to reduce their GPs for 1 month starting from 1-30 June ’64.

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In this regard, Grab will lower its GPs to 25% from 30% from 1-30 June ’64, where restaurants will have to register, offering a discount of the first 100 orders per Foodpanda store, reducing the remaining GP. 25% from 30% from 1-30 June ’64 in the area of ​​Bangkok, Nonthaburi, Pathum Thani, Samut Prakan, where the restaurant does not have to register, Lineman reduced the GP to 25% from 30% from 1 – 30 June. .64 in Bangkok, Nonthaburi, Pathum Thani, Samut Prakan by restaurants must register And set to discount the first 10,000 baht per shop, Gojek reduced the GP to 25% from the original 30% from 24 May – 27 Jun ’64 by registering until 30 May. 64 and Robinhood doesn’t collect GPs. And will help to do promotions for restaurants as well. In addition, some people will not charge a GP of their own food delivery restaurants. Or let customers come to pick up food at the restaurant by themselves

“If the COVID-19 epidemic continues to occur, the Food Delivery Business will seek cooperation in the food delivery business to further reduce the GPP. And will supervise the GP rate And other fees such as advertising, promotion, etc. fairly In case of exploitation and complaint, call. 0-2199-5444 or website www.otcc.or.th “

Mr. Thana Thienachariya Executive Chairman, Purple Ventures Company Limited, a subsidiary of Siam Commercial Bank As the owner of the food delivery app “Robin Hood” revealed that in this situation, Not collecting or reducing platform fees or GPs should be of great help to restaurants.However, Robin Hood is an app that doesn’t charge GP anyway, whether it’s big or small. Because making food delivery apps is classified as a social support business of Siam Commercial Bank Therefore not expecting profits Because they want to help small restaurants survive, especially during COVID In the next phase of the service, Robin Hood is preparing to help the hotel business. That was affected hard as well. By enabling hotel reservations through the app without the need for platform fees.

Mr. Alejandro Osorio, President of Grab Thailand, revealed that after announcing a partnership with the Department of Internal Trade. Ministry of Commerce Has taken measures to help merchants The commission paid or charged (GP) more than 25% for a period of 1 month consists of two measures: the commission rebate (Commission rebate) that exceeds the commission charge. Mission at 25% rate for the first 100 orders and receive a discount code. Grab subsidizes a 50 baht discount code to GrabFood users. When the order of food reaches 200 baht per order of 10,000 codes per day, restaurants can register for assistance until June 4, 2021.

Mr. Yodchinsupakkul, Chief Executive Officer of Line Man Wongnai, said that for the first wave of COVID 3, the restaurant has been affected a lot. The fact that all platforms have dropped their GPs during this time is to support the Thai restaurant operators together, with the insider’s lineman introducing remedial measures by reducing the GP fee to 25% in the four dark red provinces. Along with launching the campaign #Save for restaurants for other provincial restaurants as well.

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