Pilots on board unable to respond, pilots from other companies who were passengers are helping US Southwest Airlines –

Southwest Airlines flight/Kevin Dietsch/Getty Images

2023.03.24 Web Posted at 12:42 JST

(&NN) On a Southwest Airlines passenger flight, one of the pilots in control had a medical emergency during the flight, and an off-duty pilot from another company who was on board as a passenger came off duty to support the rice field.

One of the pilots on Flight 6013, which departed from Las Vegas to Columbus, Ohio, required medical attention shortly after takeoff, according to Southwest Airlines.

As a result, another airline pilot who was on board went into the cockpit to assist with radio communications, while the Southwest pilot continued to take control.

The pilot who fell ill was helped by a nurse who also happened to be a member.

According to the recording from “” who intercepted the communication with the control tower, the flight attendant said, “The captain became unresponsive during the flight. We need to get him into an ambulance immediately,” he said.

According to data from flight tracking website, the plane had been in the air for about an hour and 17 minutes. After returning safely to Las Vegas, another crew boarded the plane and the flight headed for Columbus as scheduled.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) plans to investigate the incident.


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