“Pimrapee” supports the medical group Bie MoPH to end the free marijuana vacuum. It was noted that it is a threat to attract children and grandchildren to the drug cycle.

“Pimrapee” supports the medical group Bie MoPH to end the free marijuana vacuum. Pointing to a long-term danger, attracting children and grandchildren to the drug cycle Before losing the budget from illegal use of marijuana Not to kick anyone’s leg But there must be clear control rules.

On September 20, 65, Miss Pimrapee Phanwichatkul, member of the Democratic Party list Referring to the case where a group of more than 1,300 doctors issued a statement calling for an immediate end to the liberal marijuana vacuum, It is the emotion of many people. who saw the dangers of uncontrolled marijuana from a doctor’s point of view They agree that there will be a problem for the public health system in the big picture. The budget burden is heavy. because the budget must be allocated to take care of patients from inappropriate use of marijuana So, there was a question for the executives of the Health Promotion Fund Office or the Thai Health Promotion Foundation, which is an independent organization. which do not depend on the state budget because there is money from sin tax to help subsidize which was established in the era of the Chuan government with the intention of preventing illness This will reduce the budgetary burden of medical treatment.

“I am appealing to the management. SSA, which is responsible for campaigning to prevent illness Give an opinion and come out and move to protect the nation’s children and young people from the problem of free marijuana. Because marijuana will become the first door for the children and youth of the nation Walk into the trap of other drugs Doctors in the Ministry of Health may need to bow, bow, surrender, and surrender to irresponsible political policies. But the doctors at the Thai National Institute of Health are not the same. Their voices echoed heavily with the voices of the people. Do not be indifferent in this matter. And once again, Democrats are not opposed to medical marijuana, but to regulation. for real medical use, not misuse until it is a long-term danger to Thai society,” said Ms Pimrapee.

Ms Pimrapee said that no further consideration is needed to extract cannabis, hemp, or an ordinance. until the draft had to be removed from the agenda It is not a Democratic Party political game to kick anyone’s leg. As seen by MPs from different parties in the government have also agreed to withdraw the draft. Especially the voice of the Pracharath Party, which has up to 47 votes, thanks all the members of the House of Representatives who joined their efforts and saw the danger that would happen. But this is not enough We also need the power to work together to end liberal cannabis. It is an opportunity for people, doctors and politicians to come together. move forward on this to protect Thai society in the long term Political policies are made and then abandoned. But the impact of the policy stays with the Thai people forever. This is something that those who volunteer to work for the people must always be aware of.

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