Pimri Pie challenged her mother, Chompoo Araya shouted in the middle of the live, if she didn’t want to take it, she stayed with her mother. not in the ring

Pimri Pie speaks in the middle of a live sale of the request to challenge Chompoo Araya about underwear and breasts. blast if you don’t take it The mother was on the part of the mother.

It is one of the most successful online sellers for Pimry Pie, who has a unique eloquence. after asking for a break during the past new year Now I have come back to sell items to my dear friends. I miss them already. with a new face, more beautiful and sweeter than before After going back to the new series until it looks good and then

Most recently (January 23, 2022) became a trend that was talked about a lot when Pimri Pie opened a live sale of famous women’s underwear brands. which has a mother superstar such as Chompoo Araya as a presenter. At this event, Pimri Pie is sold in a tempting promotion of 490 baht, buy 1 get 1 free.

In addition, there was a period where Pimri Pai challenged her mother in a funny way that… “Mom, look at me, you’re married. Mother will get with ten billion people, whatever. Mother has a child, has a husband, and she is not in the ring anymore.

Excuse me, mom. Mother Nom is closer than Chom. Do you compete with me? Who has longer breasts? Whose head is as dark as Oreo? Whose head is as long as a lentil? If not, mom is on mom’s side.” before jokingly saying that I’m confused, really.”

Photo from Instagram chomismaterialgirl



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