Pin and point 4 “Hong Kong” open house events in March:

Somsaksit opens his house to welcome tourists. “Hong Kong” is marching ‘biggest event’ for many years.
Complete with 4 events, music-art-sport Throughout March!
Clockenflap, Art Basel, Art Central and Hong Kong Sevens 2023

Pin and point 4 “Hong Kong” open house events in March:
• Clockenflap Music and Arts Festival
All three days were sold out. Finished intensely, satisfied with the music. and coming back to organize again this December!
• Art Basel Hong Kong (23-25 ​​March 2023)
The most famous international art fair to be held in its biggest form since 2019.
• Central Art (22-25 March 2023)
Hong Kong’s very own arts festival focused on showcasing new and emerging artists.
• Hong Kong Rugby Sevens Tournament 2023 (31 March – 2 April 2023)
that returned to full arrangement Free from restrictions from COVID for the first time. Sports lovers must not miss the island to watch the competition. Ready to eat delicious food on the field and get into the atmosphere of cheering for sports!

Dynamic, colorful, eclectic.

Hong Kong is a city that caters for all senses. It is like a powerhouse of arts, sports, food, culture and entertainment ready to welcome the return of tourists from around the world once again.

It can be called a big comeback in 2023 because Hong Kong is ready to move forward with a list of cool activities throughout the year. which will create inspiration and excitement at the same time

Clockenflap’s smash hit happened over the first weekend of March.
and will make a big comeback in December (Image credit: Clockenflap)

throughout this month of March Hong Kong is hosting many exciting events. which attracts interested people from all over the world Kicking off the month with the spectacular Clockenflap Music and Arts Festival (March 3-5, 2023), experiencing the grandeur and magnificence guaranteed with tickets selling out out quickly. This event is seen as a gathering of first class musicians and artists with many talents. which comes with a memorable performance with the dramatic Victoria Harbor as a backdrop

In addition to this work, art lovers must also miss the International Art Fair Art Basel Hong Kong (March 23-25, 2023) which has been held around the world. This event has the largest collection of works by famous and new artists compared to the previous exhibitions since 2019. For those interested in the works of new artists. Hong Kong’s own art festival, Art Central (March 22-25, 2023), is another option that will open everyone’s experience to a new perspective on the contemporary art world.

for sports We present Hong Kong Rugby Sevens 2023 (31 March-2 April 2023) which is sure to bring excitement and excitement to audiences everywhere.

The number one destination I want to come together with the whole company!
And with Hong Kong being a destination overflowing with so many events like this. It should come as no surprise that it caught the attention of Singapore-headquartered social media agency GOODSTUPH. And sub-branches in Thailand and Indonesia This year, GOODSTUPH has decided to raise an army of staff to celebrate the holidays in Clockenflap, which has been away for three years.

Pat Law, founder of GOODSTUPH, said, “Our team in Thailand came up with a plan for the must-see Clockenflap concert, and our management agreed. After the company has not toured together for more than three years. for well known reasons Now we have something exciting to look forward to. Personally, I am quite familiar with Hong Kong. And when I last visited Hong Kong in 2021, I noticed many changes in terms of the city’s vibrant culture.”

For Chalita Chuleekiat, Senior Digital Strategist at GOODSTUPH Thailand, this trip was an eye opener. “I’ve never been to Hong Kong or a music festival before. Because of that, coming to Clockenflap was very impressive and memorable.”

Team GOODSTUPH Asia having fun in Hong Kong
(Image credit: GOODSTUPH Asia)

“Meeting my favorite band like the Arctic Monkeys and making new friends who also like music. What is the best? But what is fascinating about the city is the contrast between the original elements. And a modernity that stands out but is perfectly balanced. Looking at this city, it is full of traditional culture that has been around for a long time. But looking again, it is modern and futuristic. One of the best examples of Hong Kong’s harmonious contrast is its contemporary art. I was particularly impressed by the M+ and ARTE M galleries as these two venues showcase amazing works. and allows us to experience the artistic vision of this city.”

(Left) M+ Gallery and (Right) ARTE M Immersive Digital Display

As for another member of the GOODSTUPH team, the charm of Hong Kong is nature. This nature away from the city is beautiful and welcoming to tourists. There is also a golf course nearby. It’s an added bonus,” says Sumeth Netkrajangkul, Creative Director of GOODSTUPH Thailand.

“What amazes me is the spectacular climbing route of Dragon’s Back. Although the climb was difficult But the peaceful views along the way made every step worthwhile.”

Food city in the heart of HYBS

Thai indie duo HYBS perform at Clockenflap where all tickets are sold out and the audience is packed. (Image credit: Clockenflap)

If you ask HYBS, another band performing at Clockenflap, Hong Kong food is their main highlight. This Thai couple told me that “The food here really is something that cannot be missed. I can’t help but feel that I haven’t even reached the best of this food city. Next time if we come to Hong Kong again We will patrol and eat to our heart’s content! Because there are many more secret shops waiting for us. I can’t wait to come back and taste new flavors!”

The many reasons that attract tourists to Hong Kong underline the city’s appeal as a major destination. This is not only popular with companies that want to add fun to their business. but also for tourists who want to relax and seek experiences in different dimensions as well


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