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Ping An escorted the party for a hundred years and is not easy for China to explode 14 major accidents in June

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issuing time: 25/06/2021 – 17:12

In order to ensure the overall social stability of the Chinese Communist Party’s Centennial Party Celebration, various parts of China have vigorously launched the “Safe Escort for the Centennial of the Founding of the Party” safety inspections. However, entering the “Safety Production Month” in June, there have been at least 14 major public security deaths such as the Shiyan bombing. accident.

According to a report by the Central News Agency today, Ping An escorted the party for a century of failure, and China had 14 major accidents in June.

Beginning in May, various parts of China have successively launched the “Safe Escort for a Century of Party Founding” to investigate potential safety hazards. Departments of public security, fire protection, emergency management, transportation, education, and even grassroots villages have successively held mobilization meetings to request that they be listed as the highest political task. “Absolutely safe.” However, entering the “Safety Production Month” in June, major public security fatalities broke out in the mainland one after another.

On June 13, after a natural gas explosion occurred in a community in Shiyan City, Hubei, causing 12 deaths and 138 injuries, the General Secretary of the Communist Party of China Xi Jinping immediately instructed that there have been frequent safety incidents in various places recently, requiring a comprehensive investigation of potential safety hazards and maintaining social stability. Create a good atmosphere for the centenary of the founding of the party”.

Officials in various places have tightened their clocks for this, and have ordered public security accidents not to occur before the Centennial Party Day on July 1. For example, Shanghai Municipality ordered enterprises to suspend all non-essential transportation of dangerous goods from 0:00 on June 20 to 11:00 pm on July 2, 2021; Dalian Municipal Safety Commission requested that all non-essential dangerous goods be transported from June 21 to July 2 The industry must strengthen “extraordinary management and control” measures to resolutely prevent all kinds of production safety accidents from occurring.

On the 21st, the Work Safety Committee of the State Council of China sent 16 inspection teams to various localities to carry out work safety inspections. In accordance with the instructions of Premier Li Keqiang and other central leaders, they conducted a solid and in-depth investigation and management of major risks in key industries, “creating a safe and stable environment for the party’s century “.

According to the release, the supervision and inspection focused on coal mines, non-coal mines, fire protection, hazardous chemicals, industry and trade, gas, housing and municipal engineering construction, schools, road traffic, water transportation, road transportation, fishing vessels, tourism, special equipment, sports, etc. 15 Key industry sectors.

According to the report, despite this, in June, at least 14 major public security fatalities reported by Chinese officials have occurred so far:

On June 4, a train on the Lan-Xin line collided with construction workers, and 9 people were killed.

On June 4, a coal and gas outburst accident occurred in a coal mine of Henan Hebi Coal and Electricity Co., Ltd. 8 people were killed.

On June 10, a flooding accident occurred in the inclined shaft No. 4 of Dahongcai Iron Mine, Daixian County, Xinzhou City, Shanxi Province. All 13 trapped people were killed.

On June 12, a dangerous chemical vehicle in Guiyang City unloaded methyl formate from a leak, causing 8 deaths and 3 injuries.

On June 12, a traffic vehicle rollover accident occurred in the scenic area of ​​Taibai Mountain Forest Park in Baoji City, Shaanxi Province, causing 3 deaths and 7 injuries.

On June 13, a natural gas explosion occurred at the Yanhu Community Fair in Zhangwan District, Shiyan City, Hubei Province. As of the 18th, 25 people have been killed and 37 people have been seriously injured.

On June 13, during the shutdown of Sichuan Yifeng Food Company for maintenance, six employees fell into the waste water tank and died.

On June 13, an accident occurred during the lifting of a tower crane at a construction site in Xinle City, Shijiazhuang, Hebei. Two workers fell and four workers were injured.

On June 15, at the construction site of the Nanjing Bank Science and Education Innovation Park in Nanjing, a foundation pit collapsed and a production safety accident occurred, causing 2 deaths and 2 injuries.

On June 17, the deck of Nanmen Bridge in Lanxi City, Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province collapsed. An excavator under construction fell and the driver was killed.

On June 19, a 7-story self-built house in Luyang Town, Rucheng County, Chenzhou City, Hunan Province collapsed suddenly, causing 5 people and 7 injuries.

On June 22, people in Nanyang Village, Nanyang Town, Shanghang County, Fujian placed banquets in the middle aisle of the front and rear rooms, and set up shading cloths on the roofs of the two buildings. Due to excessive force on one side, the top floor was pulled down and the brick wall fell, causing 9 People died and 7 people were injured.

On June 22, a pile crane collapsed at a construction site in Ningbo, Zhejiang, causing a black car to be crushed. Two people in the car were sent to a doctor and died.

On June 25, a fire broke out in a martial arts gym in Zhecheng County, Shangqiu City, Henan Province in the early morning, resulting in 18 deaths and 16 minor and serious injuries. Most of the dead were students.

According to Chinese official media, many provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities in China have successively ordered that all production safety accidents that occur in June will be investigated by a higher level, severely punished in accordance with the law, and those responsible will be held accountable; all companies involved will stop production. The business will be closed for rectification, and production can only be resumed after strict inspection and acceptance by the relevant regulatory authorities.


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