Pink Lady Bandit & # 39; busted with accomplice at the hotel: FBI

Pink Lady Bandit & # 39; busted with accomplice at the hotel: FBI

The serial bank robber is named “pink bandit” because of a distinctive pink purse that she made during some of the heirs, FBI officials are saying.

Baez, 36, and his alleged colleague Alexis Morales, 38, were arrested on Sunday at Inn & Suites Charlotte Speedway in Charlotte, about 80 miles away from a bank in Hamlet, North Carolina, who had FBI officers. They said they kept up Friday.

The bureau was offering a $ 10,000 reward for help to capture Baez, who wanted a combination of robberies at banks in Delaware, Pennsylvania and North Carolina starting on 20 July.

Morales were identified as Baez accomplice after the robbery in Hamlet, FBI officials said.

Baez walked into a bank in Ayden, North Carolina, on Wednesday and indicated that she had a gun to a counter before going unrecognized, in accordance with an arrest warrant received by WITN.

In two of the robberies, Baez threw yoga pants, top tank and naval baseball hat and carried the colorful pink handbag, according to the poster was wanted FBI there were three photographs of the suspect.

Baez and Morales, both of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, were charged with two robberies in North Carolina and are expected to have extra numbers, possibly in a federal court, FBI officials said.

They stayed in custody Tuesday at a detention center in North Carolina on bonds of $ 4 million each, showing prison records.

WCNC was informed by the manager of the hotel where Baez and Morales were arrested that they were concerned about the safety of their dogs immediately prior to their arrest.

“They were worried about it,‘ Oh, there are dogs in our room, 'so we don't want to do any harm to their dogs, ”said manager Omar Imam. “[The officer] gave them all the kind of instruction, ‘Come out with your hands where I can see them. # 39;

Some local authorities, at the same time, had fun engaging Baez on social media.

“The pink woman is changing her trade mark to an orange sweater,” the Pitt County Sheriff's Office placed on her Facebook page.


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