Pink Police: Jayachandran has not even made a statement so far in the news hour against the police

Thiruvananthapuram, First Published Nov 29, 2021, 8:59 PM IST

Thiruvananthapuram: Jayachandran, who was insulted, said that the police have not yet made a statement in the pink police public hearing controversy. It is alleged that the police did not record a statement even three months after the complaint was lodged. Jayachandran told News Hour that he had lodged a complaint with the DySP and the DGP but there was no response.

The incident took place on August 27. Jayachandran and his daughter were allegedly insulted by a pink police officer when they went to see a large ISRO vehicle. Pink police officer Rajitha alleged that her father and daughter stole her mobile phone. Eventually the police got the mobile from the bag inside the vehicle.

However, Jayachandran said that the police officer had misbehaved. Police’s public hearing has left an eight-year-old girl paralyzed. Following the Asianet News report, the Child Rights Commission immediately intervened. He demanded a report from the police. The DySP issued a whitewashing report to the police officer. Jayachandran then lodged a complaint with the DGP.

On August 31, the DGP issued an order directing IG Harshita Atalloori to investigate. But the police report was the same as before. The IG also reiterated that there was only a lack of vigilance on the part of Rajitha. Jayachandran also approached the SAC ST Commission to seek justice. The SCST Commission has directed the police to exempt police officer from wearing uniform. Despite the commission directing the DGP to take up the case under the Juvenile Justice Act, no action has been taken so far.

On October 5, Jayachandran and Kunju submitted a direct petition to the Chief Minister. The CM assured that there would be a favorable approach. But Rajitha, a police officer, is still working in Kollam City. Jayachandran complains that the Child Rights Commission, which first intervened, has not yet issued a report. The eight-year-old, who has not recovered from the trauma of the incident, is still undergoing counseling.

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