“Pinky” continues to sleep in prison! Forex-3D share fraud case after the lawyer submitted 3 million baht for bail, but the court did not allow it.

The Criminal Court did not grant bail. “Pinky” joins the Forex-3D fraud case after the lawyer presented 3 million cash asking for release. The court said there was no reason to change the original order. Make an appointment to check the evidence on 29 Nov.

Today (25 November) at the Criminal Court, Ratchadapisek Road. Lawyers have filed a petition with cash guarantees of 3 million baht asking for the release of Ms. Sawika Chaidej or Pinky, a famous actress, the 7th defendant in the case of the joint loan of shares that is fraudulent to the public or the case of sharing Forex-3D The value of the damage is tens of millions of baht.

The Criminal Court considered that In this case, the court has previously ordered not to grant the defendant’s temporary release pending consideration. with the reasons clearly stated In case there is no reason to change the original order The petition is now being raised by Pinky. and other female defendants Including Mrs. Sarinya Chaiyadej, the 8th defendant, the mother of the actress. The co-defendant in the case remains in custody at the Central Women’s Correctional Institution.

As for the other male defendants, such as Mr. Apirak Kotthi, former Forex-3D operator, the 1st defendant, Mr. Kittichet or Sarayut Chaidet, the older brother of the actress, the 6th defendant is still in custody in the Bangkok Remand Prison. Previously, the Criminal Court ordered 2 hearings to be combined into one case. With Mr Apirak Kotthi as the 1st defendant, together with 24 people, Mr Kittichet or Sarayut Chaidet, the 6th defendant, Ms Sawika Chaidet or Pinky, the 7th defendant, and Ms Sarinya Chaiyadej, the 8th defendant by the Criminal Court, have made an appointment to examine the evidence on 29 November at 9:00 am and withdraw all the defendants from prison.

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