Pirella evolved into a whole… 2015 No. 1 Jeong Aim

Evolution of perfect appearance in the at bat, such as maintaining a batting average of 40%

Interested in reaching the 2015 40-40 Club NC Thames record?

Samsung foreign hitter Jose Pirella. ⓒ Newsis

Samsung’s foreign batter Jose Pirella (33), who is enjoying his second season in the KBO League, is evolving into a league bomber.

Pirella is batting .409 with 7 homers, 32 RBIs and 6 stolen bases in 46 games this season. His most notable aspects are his batting average and most hits. Because he is showing an all-time high pace.

First, in the case of batting average, he hit 4 hits against LG on the 29th and succeeded in reaching the batting average of 40% again.

It is expected that it will be very difficult to maintain a batting average of .40 as it is now one-third of the season. This is because most of the players who challenged the .40 batting average in the past maintained a high batting average until the middle of the season and failed to stop the record decline at the end of the season.

Pirella also knows the difficulty of maintaining 40 percent better than anyone. When asked about his batting average after the game on the 29th, he said, “It may be difficult to maintain a batting average of % until the end of the season, but I’m happy just to keep it.”

Even if it’s not down to 40,000, you can see the highest batting average ever for a foreign batter. This record was 0.381, set by the NC Thames in 2015. After a historic season, joining the 40-40 club at the time, Thames evolved into a hitter with no weaknesses and became the dominator of the league.

Pirella is the second in history to try 200 hits.

Pirella currently leads the division alone with 72 hits, widening the gap with second-placed NC Son Ah-seop and KIA Socrates (64 or more). At the current rate, Pirella could reach 212 hits.

The record for most hits in a season is 201, set by Seo Geon-chang, who won MVP in 2014. And the most hits by a foreign batter is 199 hits recorded by Fernandes, who is currently playing for Doosan, in 2020. Pirella’s feeling of hitting is enough to challenge the record.

Foreign batter one season WAR ranking.  ⓒ Dalian SportsForeign batter one season WAR ranking. ⓒ Dalian Sports

Even when he appeared in the KBO League last year, Pirella was evaluated as a hitter with excellent contact skills without good defense and pioneering.

However, it is showing that it is evolving with its unique positive energy and challenging attitude. He also plays as a left fielder on defense and is a huge contributor to his team’s strength, and his problem with the front sight more than offsets his striking ability. That’s why he’s called the Korean version of Vladimir Guerrero.

He is showing good performance not only in the ratio but also in the cumulative performance, and he challenges the first place in WAR history for foreign batters. The record was held by the Thames in 2015 and hit an absurd number of 10.71.

Pirella, who has appeared in 46 games, has a 3.41 WAR and could become the first foreign hitter to hit double-digit WAR since the Thames if the current pace continues through the end of the season. In addition to his skills, attention is focused on whether Pirella, who is energizing the team in character as well, will create a historic season.

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