Pisces biweekly horoscope

biweekly horoscope 1-15 November 2565. larrier eg Pisces (14 March – 12 April)

work During these two weeks, you may get a job you don’t like or a job you don’t like. including the reluctant work that comes in. This is when you can’t turn down a job because it’s directly from an adult. If you are doing business, this period will be the tip of the axe. You have to come down and manage it yourself. Or having to use a method you don’t want to take to get to work?

finance During this period, your financial situation is not doing well. But it costs a lot. Or it will be when you have to pay for travel or vehicles. Also, be careful not to pay too much for your debts rather than your income. Not enough money to go around

love For singles, during this period you may meet someone from afar. But it’s someone you don’t really like. If you already have someone to talk to during this time, the other person may have done something to upset you. or reveal habits you don’t like. As for those who are already married During this period, people and their loved ones may disagree. Be careful about misleading the other party.

health Watch out for intestinal problems. diarrhea or abdominal pain