‘Pita’ asks for a sweep to lift the province, drums of battle are fired, ‘Nonthaburi’ shows 8 possible candidates ‘It’s a perfect combination’

‘Pita’ is very ready, asking to sweep the province, blow out the battle drum, ‘Nonthaburi’ shows 8 possible candidates ‘It’s a perfect combination’

at 5:00 pm on September 24 at Bang Si Muang Municipal Auditorium. Bang Si Muang Subdistrict Mueang Nonthaburi District, Nonthaburi Province Mr Pita Limcharoenrat list of MPs And the party leader said at the launch that the candidates for the KK party in Nonthaburi province, all 8 districts, in part one said (read the news: ‘Pita’ is holding his mouth full. Leading the army forward, unveiling 8 candidates for ‘Nonthaburi’ MPs in each district)

We are now entering the 180 day period of the Election Regulations. we, the Progressive Party, are extremely ready So, the candidates for MPs in Nonthaburi Province were launched, 8 electorates, 8 people today, although the new constituencies have not come out yet, in Nonthaburi Province, which are all time in our hearts. because although there are no Members of Parliament for the constituency in the last election, the people gave us more than 163,000 votes when they were in the Future Forward Party. He only lost 4 percent of the winner, which is a very small amount. Unveiling the candidates today Including using this opportunity to open the Nonthaburi 2570 vision

“Nonthaburi is a province with a very high profit margin for SME entrepreneurs. It can be said to be a city for small and medium-sized businesses, and it also has the strength of being a city with many possible people. People have access to the education system. Internet technology systems are accessible, the trade economy is good.

Therefore, there must be a government that understands and uses this strength to develop the province. while the disadvantages are for the problem of inequality among farmers We also have policies such as debt restructuring. or turning farmers into SMEs Changing traditional agriculture to advanced agriculture

In addition, we have a policy to respond to various crises that Nonthaburi Province is facing. be it the energy crisis environmental crisis, etc.

“This is what is called Vision Nonthaburi 2570, which will happen. A progressive party must win MPs raising states And we are confident that all the 8 people, 8 areas, Nonthaburi brothers and sisters will trust to choose representatives from the Progressive Party. This is the perfect combination for Nonthaburi. because there are engineers, lawyers, businessmen, small and medium businesses Defenders of people’s rights All of them will definitely make Nonthaburi progress further. “ Mr Phitha said

Mr. said Phitha further, in addition to Nonthaburi Province This week there will also be an announcement of potential candidates. MPs, Samut Prakan Province and will gradually open again During the end of the session like this They will travel around the country for sure. in the upcoming elections the party can advance More MPs than last time and there will be MPs in all regions.

This is our goal to be a big party. The next time the party moves forward, there will be more constituencies than the list of MPs. and with a good policy of quality people The party is well managed. It will allow us to win and reach that goal.” Mr Phitha said

Meanwhile, Mr. Natcha Boonchai Insawat, Bangkok MP and deputy general secretary of the NCPO, that the time for change is coming. the people’s rebellion The people’s counter-attack when the Future Forward Party was disbanded. It is a sign to those in power that the people will not tolerate the same things. and became a progressive party We have continued to work in the House of Representatives, determined to say that the last 3 years and 6 months have been a new dimension for the House of Representatives.

“We have really acted as representatives of the people. has brought the echoes of the people’s brothers and sisters to use the mechanism of the Senedd to solve problems We have made many changes, through several important laws that benefit the people. be it the increasing drinks of equal marriage Or for the welfare of the people that all political parties must raise their voice on this issue in the next election. And there is no way to rule this out for the next government.

“The upcoming elections, we hold the slogan, Don’t wait for change. But you will be part of it, 180 days from now. It will be time to test the hearts of the nonthaburi people who have trusted us with more than 163,000 points and with this statistic makes me dare to say In the next election, we will ask the Nonthaburi MPs for the Kao Klai Party in each of the 8 regions raise the states. Let’s fight together Changing the government alone is not enough. Thailand must be changed to move forward manually The MPs in the party’s parliament have also gone too far.” Natcha said Mr

Reporters reported that At the launch stage Important policies are still open from candidates such as Nonthaburi: a good economic city, Nonthaburi: a learning city for all, and Nonthaburi: an environmentally safe city for the list of candidates for the NCPO party Nonthaburi in each of the 8 regions, namely 1 Suraphan Grammar, 2. Nonppadon Thiphayachon, 3. Anusorn Kaewwichian, 4. Priti Charoensilp, 5. Mr. Kunakorn Munnateerai, 6. Mr. Panyarat Ms. Nanta Phusitanon

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