Pitch a tent on a curvy road and park… Get blown away by the biggest camping villain ever

source = social media

A car park family (car + accommodation) who blocked lanes and set up a tent on a sparsely populated road is being criticized online.

On the 18th, on the online community ‘Clean’, a photo was released of a driver who closed the lane and set up a tent along with a post entitled ‘The Greatest Camping Villain’.

The place where the driver pitched his tent is a road in Haneryeong, Gangwon, where there are only a few people. The photo released shows a white sport utility vehicle (SUV) parked on a two-lane road and pitching a camping tent.

Author A criticized, “It seems very crazy to be parked in such a place even on a road with little traffic.”

The author had also attached a photo of a message he reported to the police saying, “There are people camping on public roads.” In a comment on the post, he noted, “I don’t know if I’m going to stop for a while,” and “Just thinking I’m determined to die.”

Netizens criticized the driver in general, such as “Are you acting like that because you really want something big to happen?”, “You must pay a heavy fine,” and “I can’t understand why you put up a tent. on a curve.”

Shin Hyun-bo, reporter at Hankyung.com greaterfool@hankyung.com

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