‘Pitha’ fights against lawsuit share of Confident media to break through checkpoints, set up battles

‘Pitha’ fights against lawsuit share of Confident media to break through checkpoints, set up battles

On June 3, Phitha Limcharoenrat Mr. Party leader Kao Klai (Kor Kor.) and the candidate for Prime Minister of Kor Khor Party revealed the progress in the case of having a request to investigate the issue of ITV media payments on June 2. have checked with the party Currently, the Election Commission of Thailand (ECT) has not yet been called to explain. I repeat that if we judge each other honestly. both for legal issue evidence I don’t think there is anything to worry about.

When asked about the prediction that the Electoral Commission would recognize MPs in the middle of June this year If the ECT cannot certify all 151 MPs from the ACT Party, will it affect the formation of the government? Mr Phitha Telllaf said that according to the law, it can be certified no later than July 13. If it is too late, the first button cannot be worn. The council cannot be opened and elected as president and vice-president of the council. he will not be able to form a government to make people demand The Electoral Commission has done it faster. It will be more beneficial for the people.

When asked if the case of the party’s MPs The Electoral Commission’s complaint about the election may or may not mean that the ECT will not issue its approval. And it can cause the number of MPs to be less than 151 people. Mr Pita said that from what he saw, there was a story about Ms Chonthicha, and he quickly informed that MP Pathum Thani, but apparently it is a case related to the criminal law section 112 again Haven’t seen details with’ the legal team on what issues but Ms Chonthicha must be encouraged to go to court Without a lawyer on Section 112, I hope it goes well. he went to serve the people of Pathum Thani along with other fellow members of parliament and was elected

When asked about the cause, the Pol posted. Col. Charungwit Phumma, senator and former secretary general of the EC, an example case stating, If he is the leader of the party but leaves his membership as an MP, there will be no consequences for approving the party’s presentation of MPs, said Mr Pita. Haven’t seen any details on this yet. he may not be able to comment yet But listen to the opinions of scholars and the past. The Electoral Commission says there is a law that can speak. It has nothing to do with who made a mistake. Then the rest will have to be elected again. but also confident in his own details and confident that a government can be established Everything is consistent and promising When will the Electoral Commission approve? It is expected that the council will meet soon and in time the government will be formed.

When asked about the news that the Speaker of the House of Representatives was mentioned, it was concluded that Dr. Chonnan Srikaew, leader of the Pheu Thai Party (DOC) said Mr. Dr Chon Nan has come out to say that via Twitter The word finish has its definition. It doesn’t mean it ends with the person. But in the conflict, there is a process for solving the issue of how to become the Speaker of the People’s Council, so there will probably be some discussion. Still confirming the interview of Mr Chaitawat Tulathon, secretary of the ACT Party, who is on the negotiating team, he said there would be clarity in mid-June.

Mr Phitha said Regarding the case of Mr. Sek Sakon Atthawong, a member of the Sang Thai Ruam Chart Party (RTC) came out to comment that do not dream In the case that the Progressive Party will call for General Prayut Chan-ocha, Prime Minister and Minister of Defense Prepare to leave the house’ the government. I have not listened to Mr Seksakon’s interview yet. but he saw an interview by Mr. Anucha Burapachaisri, Deputy General Secretary to the Prime Minister Acting as spokesperson for the Prime Minister’s Office So, I would like to speak with understanding that When there is a change of power As usual, the losers must congratulate the winner of the election. and transfer the work to the government If taking the people as a location it would not stray from this principle

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