‘Pitha’ leads the EEC team, moves far, negotiates with the new industrial council, raises reforms through 3F to create jobs and repair the country

‘Pitha’ leads EEC team to move far ahead to discuss new generation Federation of Thai Industries Promote Thailand’s industrial reform through 3F with package to help business sector

On May 26 at the Renaissance Bangkok Hotel Pita Limjaroenrat Mr Leader of the Kao Klai Party (Kor. Kor.) and candidate for Prime Minister along with Miss Sirikanya Tansakul Deputy Leader of the Party and the Economic Team Meeting with representatives of the Federation of New Generation Industries (FTI Young) to hear problems and policy suggestions from new generation businessmen who will be the future of Thai industry.

The activities at the event began with business representatives from the new generation of the Federation of Thai Industries presenting problems and policy proposals to solve problems faced by business people in various fields. is it a policy to develop agricultural products manufacturing automotive parts manufacturing industry, copyright, state performance Pollution, innovation and opportunities in Thailand’s aerospace industry

Mr Phitha said after the representative of the new generation of industrialists had finished presenting the report that The first thing we have to show is that we don’t work in silos, but we have to look at the wider picture of what we want to control the economy. What the Kao Klai Party has learned from Thailand’s economy which has been growing for 40 years is that it must be inclusive growth in the future, with the economy also growing. and reduce inequality Give everyone a chance to grow.

Mr Phitha spoke about the policy of reforming the Thai industrial sector through 3F that one in Fair Game Equality to compete between big capital and small capital. Thai capital and foreign capital for example agricultural production The root of the problem lies in the land. When most of the country’s farmers do not own their own land, they cannot develop their own production, therefore, the first button must be set. see the structure of the whole system as well as applying for various licenses where delay problems arise from inefficient processes of power centralization If Thailand is decentralised, it will make more than 7,000 areas across the country explode their growth potential. able to build the country’s economy in a huge way

Mr Phitha said two in Firm ground means having to fight with productivity (Productivity) not fighting by squeezing salaries I want to understand that the salary of 450 baht is not a policy that we think for ourselves. But we take the numbers Whether it’s economic growth, inflation, labor productivity. If you are thinking from 2013 to the present What should the salary be? The figure is closer to 450 baht, which Kao Klai Party not only has a wage increase policy but also comes with a policy package to help the business sector. be it a tax reduction for small and medium businesses and other measures to increase liquidity no less than when the minimum wage was raised to 300 baht.

Phitha continued to be a three in Fast growth industries Thailand must be prepared to deal with this change. And find opportunities to develop Thai industries together with the world, such as the automotive industry. pharmaceutical industry to combat emerging diseases aircraft parts industry electric vehicle industry Including the chip and silicon carbide industries in Thailand, there are still opportunities.

“I think innovation management can be summed up in one sentence: ‘Create jobs, fix the country’ that we will change the country’s weaknesses and the people’s problems into opportunities for the industry to solve problems in the future, such as the bus law in the future making tap water drinkable If we do these things it can happen in the whole country How much of innovation opportunities do you think Thailand will have?” said Mr Phitha.

Mr Phitha also talked about the drone industry and national defence. If Thailand can promote an offset policy instead of buying weapons from foreign countries. Change to purchase with technology transfer to create economic opportunities. Use local labor and parts instead of 100 percent imported.

Reporters reported that After Mr. Phitha finished speaking The Thai Industries Federation presented the shirts with the Young FTI symbol and the Progressive Party logo to show future cooperation. The atmosphere of meeting and talking was pleasant. A new generation of entrepreneurs are pinning their hopes on change. Collaborate with the government to keep the party’s economic team moving forward which will speed up the process. Be open to promoting new innovations and work with transparency No corruption


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