Pitha Limjaroenrat Campaigns in Pak Nam Prasae: From Kicking a Bicycle to Riding a Tricycle and Giving a Speech at HTMS Prasae

New Party Leader Campaigns in Rayong Districts ahead of By-election

Pitha Limjaroenrat, the new leader of the Mr Kao Klai Party, has been actively campaigning alongside his fellow party members in the Don Makok Lower and Pak Nam Prasae districts. The campaign team, including Bencha Sangchan and Phongsatorn Sornphetnarin, has been engaging with the local communities in preparation for the upcoming by-election on September 10, 2023.

In their latest activities, Pitha and Phongsathorn visited the homes of residents in Don Makok Lower, going door-to-door to personally connect with the locals. They also organized a vibrant car parade to showcase their policies and encourage the residents of Area 3 to exercise their right to vote. The Progressive Party aims to regain power to effectively serve the people in the region.

Continuing their campaign efforts, Pitha and Phongsathorn utilized sidecars to navigate the narrow roads of the Pak Nam Prasae area. This practical vehicle choice is ideal for transportation in a district where fishing equipment is frequently transported. The locals, especially the elder generation, showed great enthusiasm while observing Pitha and Phongsathorn’s campaign activities, expressing support and capturing memorable photos to bless Phongsathorn’s electoral success.

Pitha then proceeded to Khao Din Point, where he rallied for Phongsathorn’s victory. Their friendship has roots in their time as classmates at Thammasat University, Faculty of Commerce and Accountancy. Pitha exhibited confidence in Phongsathorn’s beliefs and diligent work, as he had witnessed his efforts since the establishment of the Future Forward Party. Under Phongsathorn’s dedication, the party successfully gained victory in all five districts of Rayong province, ensuring quality representation for the people. Pitha earnestly urged the residents of Rayong District 3 to vote wholeheartedly for Phongsathorn.

During Pitha’s speech supporting Phongsathorn, numerous residents from Khao Din and the surrounding areas gathered to listen and offer encouragement. Pitha concluded that it is essential for individuals to believe in themselves, disregarding any skepticism or doubts from others. Although immediate victory may not be guaranteed, Pitha affirms that ultimate success will be achieved. He invited the public to attend his speech at the HTMS Prasae Memorial at 5:00 pm today, underscoring the Progressive Party’s commitment to the people.

“Pitha” kicks a bicycle – rides a tricycle Visiting the houses of people’s brothers and sisters in Pak Nam Prasae Giant cheerleaders Before teleporting to Khao Din market and gave a speech to the HTMS Prasae

Pita Limjaroenrat Mr Kao Klai Party Leader with Bencha Sangchan, campaigning in Don Makok Lower and Pak Nam Prasae districts, together with ‘Yo’ Mr Phongsatorn Sornphetnarin, candidate for Rayong District 3, No. 1 in the by-election on September 10, 2023.

By today’s activities, Phitha and Mr Phongsathorn campaigned Knocking on the door of the homes of the people’s brothers and sisters in Don Makok Lower mixed with a car parade to raise policy Ready to beg the people of Area 3 to exercise their right to vote in this by-election. so that the Progressive Party can come back to look after the brothers and sisters of the people

before getting on the side car, which is a vehicle that helps transport in the campaign area in Paknam Prasae area Due to the size of the narrow roads used for transporting fishing gear and family members traveling back and forth. Throughout the ride in a tricycle next to the campaign in Pak Nam Prasae zone having brothers and sisters Especially the ‘big generation’ watching with Mr Phitha and Mr Phongsatorn. to encourage and take pictures to support and bless Mr. Phongsathorn election wins this time

Then Mr. Phitha continued on his journey to Khao Din Point to ask for victory for Mr. Phongsatorn. Ready to certify as friends since they were classmates in the Faculty of Commerce and Accountancy. Thammasat University Confident in the ideology and intense work of Mr. Pongsatorn Especially working behind the scenes since the establishment of the Future Forward Party. until he made the party go far to win the whole province of Rayong, a total of 5 districts, guaranteeing that the people of Rayong District 3 will get quality MPs who have pleaded with Rayong, Mr Phitha has already ordered

When going on the march to give a speech in support of Mr Phongsathorn, there are people from the Khao Din area and surrounding areas. come to listen to speeches and give encouragement to support the Progressive Party Phitha came to the conclusion that No matter what anyone says, don’t listen, don’t believe, don’t believe in yourself. But ask people to believe in themselves. Although we may not win immediately. but won in the end Ready to invite the public to listen to the speech at the HTMS Prasae Memorial today at 5:00 pm

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