Plagiarism in Kantara’s song ‘Navarasa’; Court intervention in Thaikudam Bridge petition

Kochi: The Chief Sessions Court of Kozhikode District has intervened in the alleged plagiarism of the song ‘Varaharoopam…’ from the hit movie Kantara, Kantara. The court ordered that the song cannot be used in Kantara without the permission of Thaikudam Bridge.

The court also restrained the director, producer and music director of the film Kantara and online platforms like Amazon, YouTube, Spotify, Wink and Geosave from using the song. Thaikudam Bridge informed itself about this through their Facebook page. Thaikudam Bridge said they are grateful to everyone who has been with them.

The court case is on a petition filed by Thaikudam Bridge. Supreme Court lawyer Satish Murthy appeared in court on behalf of Thaikudam Bridge.

Thaikudam Bridge had earlier clarified that the song Varaharupam in Kantara was a plagiarism of the title track of their song ‘Navarasam’. Thaikudam Bridge Manager Sujith Unnithan told that the Kantara team’s claim that they were inspired by Navarasam is wrong and they will fight until they get their due rights.

Content Highlights: kozhikode court bans varaharoopam song in kanthara movie without thaikudam permission


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