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The only one in Taiwan, “MUJI Green” launched large-scale plant sales for the first time, making daily life full of greenery. (provided by MUJI)[Reporter Tu Yingru/Taipei Report]MUJI has opened a new flagship store in Xinyi District, Taipei City. Together with Breeze Songco, it has built a “Songgao Flagship Store” of over 710 square meters. It officially opened today, becoming the 59th store in Taiwan. Different from the former Uni-President Department Store, which was also located in the Xinyi business district, the newly opened Songgao flagship store brings more large-scale curatorial displays and planning, and also conveys MUJI’s commitment to “regeneration and sustainability” in recent years concept, made many new attempts and developments, including building materials used in decoration design, new exhibition space, selection of new themed products and service experience, etc. Muji mentioned that the Times Department Store will be separated from the Song Gao flagship store , located at the entrance of the transfer station, will provide services for daily necessities.

Exclusive Lemon Pound Cake. (provided by MUJI)Song Gao flagship store launched a new catering service, providing onigiri set meals, introducing bread and pastry and takeaway Japanese snacks, the only curtain sales service introduced from Japan for the first time in Taiwan, “MUJI Green” large-scale plant sales, and “Good Market “, launched the exclusive sales of Taitung Wanlunxia orange series products in Taiwan, emphasizing that the use of all fruits is zero waste, and provides the only embroidery service in Taiwan to evolve, so that DIY hand-painted files can also become embroidery patterns, and for the first time it is also The only “PROJECT HOPE” project in Taiwan.

For the first time in Taiwan, the exhibition “RE/FUTURE” is presented independently. (provided by MUJI)Walking into the Song Gao flagship store on the 1st floor, you can see that MUJI has built a 12-ping “Open MUJI” space, which will become a venue for holding exhibitions and lectures in the future. The opening of the first wave of exhibitions echoes the brand concept of “friendly environment and sustainability”. For the first time, the “RE/FUTURE” exhibition was planned by a Taiwanese company, displaying various objects that MUJI MUJI is recycling and regenerating, including glass, plastic, and waste tires , denim pants, planting trees, and logistics cartons. The exhibition will be held from May 31 to August 3. At the same time, consumers are also expected to continue to support the “Re Park” regeneration service and practice a sustainable future with MUJI.

Ochazuke rice ball set. (provided by MUJI)

The orange sauce balls are solid and chewy, and they are even more unique when paired with the traditional handmade sour and fragrant kumquat sauce at Miaoli Mansion. (provided by MUJI)In terms of catering services, the focus is on the concept of “simple and natural”. In addition to providing easy-to-eat bread and pastries, rice ball sets and rice ball tea rice sets are also provided. In addition, various alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks are also provided. The main desserts are Special ice cream, golden jujube daifuku and longan brown sugar daifuku using Taiwanese ingredients, as well as Japanese-style meatballs for take-out and Miaoli’s specialty orange sauce meatballs, etc., showcasing the delicious fusion of Taiwan and Japan.

Late Rencia orange series. (provided by MUJI)

The real scene of Songgao flagship store. (provided by MUJI)In terms of curtain sales service, it provides 5 styles, namely cotton washed pleated curtains, cotton washed plain woven pleated curtains, linen woven pleated curtains, polyester tulle pleated curtains and cotton tulle pleated curtains. The price ranges from 390 to 1,890 yuan. Primary colors, beige, gray, blue, brown and other calm monochromatic systems are mainly used. Customers can choose their favorite materials and colors according to their home style and light transmission needs.

Through “Taiwan planning and development”, design a gardening fence stand set (4,590 yuan). (provided by MUJI)In addition, to satisfy modern people’s need to add a relaxed, leisurely and natural pace to urban life, the past stores sold mostly small plants. MUJI MUJI Matsugao Flagship Store launched the “MUJI GREEN” life proposal and cooperated with local gardening manufacturers , for the first time to sell medium and large green plants, and also provide various seeds, pots and gardening related props. At the same time, MUJI specially designed a gardening fence stand set (priced at 4,590) through the “Taiwan Planning and Development”. The stand that can be used to plant flowers and plants in vertical space is sold in limited quantities at Songgao flagship store. Through green planting, customers can re-experience the changes of solar terms in the four seasons.

Good market. (provided by MUJI)

Lemon Pound Cake. (provided by MUJI)40 pingFood areain addition to all kinds of frozen fresh food, imported snacks and locally developed snacks and drinks, MUJI Muji is ingood product marketWe also cooperate with the Taitung County Government and Donghe Township Office to carefully select the late Luncia oranges grown in Taitung to produce and develop a series of agricultural products, includingEvening Lencia Orange MarmaladeWanluncia Orange Red Oolong BiscuitsEvening Lencia Orange Herb TeaLate Luncia Orange Red OolongWanrencia Orange Hanging Ear Coffee, Wanrencia Orange Beeranddried evening lencia orange slices

Introduced the life selection book series, about 3,500 volumes. (provided by MUJI)In addition to free water dispensers, Songgao flagship store also introducesMUJI POCKET The coffee machine allows customers to enjoy a cup of drink conveniently and quickly while reading or chatting here. In terms of book selection and recommendation, about 3,500 volumes of books covering topics such as life style, flower planting, food and cuisine, design aesthetics, and local creation are carefully selected. I hope that through the combination of words and commodities, I can experience more aspects of life.

“MUJI POCKET” coffee machine service provides a pleasant leisure time. (provided by MUJI)

The leading puff lazy bone sofa on the market. (provided by MUJI)

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