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“Apex Legends” Season 11 pre-played impressions released! Please check it out for a detailed summary of the usability of the new character “Ash” and the new gimmick of the new map “Storm Point”.

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Season 11 with plenty of new elements

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November 3, 2021 (water)More to be delivered“Apex Legends” Season 11Was played by the GameWith editorial department ahead of time.

In this article, it will appear in the new seasonNew characters, maps and weaponsSuch charmImpressions playedI will introduce it based on.

It’s a season full of new content, so if you’re interested, please check it out.

What’s the most fun content for Season 11?

Super aggressive new character “Ash”

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It often appeared in the arena“Ash”Appears in Season 11 as a playable character.

While passively marking the enemy’s position, you can restrain the enemy with tactical abilities, and sometimes you can instantly take the side of the enemy with Ultimate.One-person complete super-aggressive attackerIt has become.

It’s a very comfortable character to use, and once you use it, you’ll definitely be addicted to it.

Passive Ability: Brand of Death

Display the location of the found Deathbox on the map, and mark the players of the same team who are alive from the Deathbox.

The stigma of death not only allows you to locate the death box, but alsoYou can even mark the position of a living enemyPowerful passive ability.Depending on the number and position of the marked enemiesYou can easily set up a superior battle

Also, even if you forget the position of the death box, you can easily go fishing for supplies because the most recently discovered items are displayed on the map.

Brand of death 01

▲ You can mark one enemy by catching the death box of the defeated enemy.

Brand of death 02

▲ As shown in the map on the upper left, if there is a death box nearby, you can find it immediately, so I feel that the supply of supplies has become very smooth.

Tactical Abilities: Arc Snare

It’s a powerful ability just to hear, but in fact its strength is real.“Retain one enemy”The part is very powerful, and its uses are diverse.

I felt that it was a very useful ability that could attack the opponent who stopped by the arc snare intensively, or install it in front of the door to stop the opponent’s progress.

But like Hughes’ knuckle clusterThe range is not so longSo you may need to be careful when using it.

▲ The scene where the tactical ability used as a stalemate for the revival of allies worked well. It deals 20 damage to the enemy and limits the movement, so you can advance the battle in an advantageous way.

Ultimate Ability: Phase Tier

Create a one-way portal where Ash aimed.

Unlike Wraith’s UltimateYou can create a portal in an instantPhase Tier can easily poke enemies, so you can enjoy a different feeling of exhilaration.

again,Cool time is also earlySo it’s a super-excellent ultimate that can be used as a mere means of transportation.

one-wayThat part is difficult, and once you move it, you can’t go back, so you have to think carefully when using it when attacking. Since the portal is open for a very short time, there may be situations where allies cannot follow.

▲ It is a versatile ultimate that you can move in an instant if you decide the point. It’s another story that I had so much fun that I left my allies behind.

New map “Storm Point” rich in gimmicks and new creatures

Play the new season of

As the fourth map of “Apex Legends”“Storm point”Appeared.

About 15% wider than World’s EdgeStorm points can be enjoyed just by looking at the landscape, but there are plenty of new gimmicks available and it was very exciting to explore.

Developed over 2 yearsTherefore, I felt that the creation could go beyond even the existing maps.

New means of transportation Gravity Cannon

At Storm Point, it was the biggest means of transportation to dateJump tower is abolishedNew means of transportationGravity CannonIs implemented.

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It fires itself like a cannon ball, allowing it to move significantly to the other landing point. Unlike the jump tower, it does not glide in the sky, soIt’s nice to be able to shoot and recover while on the move

However, I personally felt that the characters moving in the Gravity Cannon are more than the Jump Tower.Easy to become a target and easy to be targeted from the ground.. Therefore, when using the Gravity Cannon, you need to be careful about your surroundings.

<video data-original="" class="js-lazyload-video" width="95%" autoplay="" muted="" playsinline="" loop="" controls=""/>

▲ A comfortable means of transportation that is a bit different from the jump tower. We hope you will enjoy the Gravity Cannon, which enables more three-dimensional movements than ever before.

Prowlers and new creature spiders appear

Prowlers and new creature spiders that appear in the Trials of World’s Edge have appeared.Prowler and spider nestsIt is displayed on the map, Attacks when approaching or attacking the nest.

By defeating the creatures that appear at the storm pointDrop a small amount of itemsYou can grow a little armorSoSupplementary aspectI’m glad that there is also.

However, it is a little scary that the enemy will identify the position if you make a gunshot when moving with hide. Also, the attack power of the Prowler and Spider is not small, so if you are not careful, you will be killed. The writer was alert and was killed once.


▲ When you attack the nest, a spider appears from the egg. I am thrilled to see the emergence of new creatures next to Prowler.

New weapon “CAR SMG” that uses high rate of fire and two types of ammunition properly

Play the new season of

The first impression I touched“Recoil is difficult!”was. As for the experience, the reaction was more blurry than the R-99, and I felt that it was an SMG closer to a closer distance.

HoweverCan use both light and heavy ammoIt’s very convenient because it has plenty of supplies, and you only need one of the expansion magazines.Easy to strengthenIs an advantage.

In addition, it has 13 damage to the torso, which is higher than the R-99, and has the same magazine capacity, so if you can master it, it will surely become a powerful weapon.

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In addition to the ones introduced aboveG7 Scout Care Package WeaponOrEVA-8 auto adjustmentSeason 11 is packed with countless points to enjoy.

Even if you haven’t touched “Apex Legends” for a while or haven’t played it yet, I would like you to play Season 11 which is full of charm.

What is “Apex Legends”?

Apex Legends Information Summary Eyecatch

A new era of batrois that the world is paying attention to!

PS4, Switch, Xbox One, PC compatible game software distributed from Electronic Arts “Apex Legends』。

This work isFree to playDedicated to multiplayer that can be played withBattle royal FPS

A team of three people, each with their own unique abilitieslegendDepending on the characters called “, it was a bit different from the conventional battle royale.StrategicBattle unfolds,Batrowa in a new eraIt’s a title that deserves to be called.

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Basic information such as the release date of “Apex Legends”

release date PS4 version: February 5, 2019
Switch version: March 10, 2021 (water)
society Electronic Arts
Genre Battle Royale / FPS
price Free to play (There are some billing factors)
Corresponding hardware PS4 / Switch / Xbox One / PC
Product information Download only
Official site Apex Legends Official
Official Twitter EA Japan formula

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