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Play “The Valkyrie” for free! NSO subscribers limited event “Demonstration Club” announced the second installment “Valkyria Chronicles for Nintendo Switch”

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Siya Co., Ltd. announced that the Nintendo Switch version of “Valkyria for Nintendo Switch” in the “Valkyria Battlefield” series with cumulative sales of over 2 million units worldwide will begin on July 5, 2021 (Monday). The designated game software for the Nintendo Switch Online member-limited event “Trial Club”.

“Trial Club” is a limited event for members of Nintendo Switch Online. During the period from July 5, 2021 (Mon) 12:00 to July 11 (Sun) 17:59, you will be able to download “Valkyria of Battlefield for Nintendo Switch” for free from the Nintendo eShop and play the game. Full content.

Valkyrie Battlefield is an original strategy simulation RPG game that set a record of 2 million cumulative sales worldwide (※ including download version, remaster version, etc.). This work takes the overhead Europe as the stage. Through the unique graphics system “CANVAS”, and the combat system “BLiTZ” that integrates strategy and action, it depicts the story of the intertwining of various joys and sorrows in the war. In the Nintendo Switch version released in 2018, the original Extra content is also fully included. On the Nintendo Switch platform, which can beautifully reflect various game screens, players will be able to enjoy the origin of “Valkyria”.

“Valkyria Battlefield 4” (※ This game software is not the designated game software for this demo club)

In addition, in conjunction with the “Trial Club” event, “Valkyrie Battlefield for Nintendo Switch” and” Valkyrie Battlefield 4″ will have a 50% OFF discount at the Nintendo eShop. Whether it is players who want to continue playing after the “Trial Club” or want to experience the latest work in the series, they can take this opportunity to consider buying this work.

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※ Nintendo Switch Online is a paid service

※ The event period of the demo club is different from the discount period, so please pay attention.

※ Players other than Nintendo Switch Online subscribers can also purchase at a discounted price.

[The following content provides the original information for the manufacturer]

“The Valkyrie” is a simulated RPG game with the theme of continuous wars in the fictional European world. This work uses a portrait that is soft as a hand-painted watercolor and is presented in a 3D dynamic image. In addition, the use of a battle system that combines strategy and action allows players to experience a variety of interpersonal plots in the hard and cruel environment called war.

“Valkyria Battlefield for Nintendo Switch”

The method of participation is very simple. During the event period, select “Nintendo Switch Online” in the Nintendo eShop of Nintendo Switch, and then click “Demonstration Club”, and then click the demo club at the top of “Valkyria Battlefield” to start downloading the game, as long as the specified period Then you can play the game.

※ The data stored in the “Trial Club” can be inherited in the purchased full game software

※ You can also participate in the 7-day free trial of “Nintendo Switch Online”

Simultaneous discounts

On the same day that the “Trial Club” starts, there will also be a 50% OFF discount for “Valkyria”. Players who are interested after taking this opportunity to experience this game can consider buying the download version at a discounted price.

July 5th, 2021 (Monday) 12:00~July 11th (Sunday) 17:59

<Promotion period>

Nintendo eShop & Nintendo Store

July 5th, 2021 (Monday) 12:00~July 18th (Sunday) 23:59

<Game software and preferential prices>

  • Valkyrie of Battlefield
    HKD 148⇒HKD 74(50%OFF)
  • Valkyria Chronicles 4(※ This game software is not the designated game software for this demo club)
    HKD 428⇒HKD 214(50%OFF)
  • Additional content pack(※ This new content is not the designated content of this demo club)
    HKD 289⇒HKD 144(50%OFF)

※ This product is only available at Nintendo eShop

As long as you join Nintendo Switch Online, you will be able to play a special event completely within the specified period. Please seize the opportunity to learn about the fun of this game.

Commodity Information

  • Commodity name: Valkyrie of Battlefield

  • Game platform: Nintendo Switch (※ Sold as a download at Nintendo eShop)

  • Release Date: On Sale (available on October 15, 2018)

  • Suggested Price: HK$148

  • Game language: Traditional Chinese subtitles / Japanese voice

  • Game category: Action/Strategy Simulation RPG

  • Number of players: 1

  • Game rating: auxiliary 15 levels


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