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Thank you for always supporting Zenryoku to Levanga Hokkaido.

We are pleased to announce that Levanga Hokkaido has agreed to a player contract with Dwight Ramos for the 2023-24 season.

Ramos will join Levanga Hokkaido in the 2022-23 season.
He has high strength, speed, agility, and all-around physical ability, and contributed to the team with breakout plays on offense and defense, such as fast breaks from steals and various scoring patterns.

Thanks for all your support for Ramos in the new season!

Dwight Ramos / Dwight Ramos


[Rhif Jersey]2
[Uchder / Pwysau]193cm / 95kg
[Dyddiad geni]September 2, 1998
[Cenedligrwydd cofrestru cynghrair]Philippines
[Man geni]Philippines
[Alma mater]California State University, Fullerton


2021-22 Toyama Grouse
2022- Levanga Hokkaido

Representative career

2020 – Philippines National Team

Comment by Yo Yokota, CEO of Levanga Hokkaido Co., Ltd.

We are proud to announce that Levanga Hokkaido has signed a contract with Dwight Ramos for the 2023-24 B.LEAGUE SEASON.
Ramos played an active role in leading the team to victory last season, his first year with the team, with his scoring, rebounding and steal ability that could cut through the situation on an individual basis.
In the new season, which is his second year at Levanga Hokkaido, he will deepen his understanding of the team’s basketball and be fitter than last season.

Levanga Hokkaido is proud to announce that we have signed Dwight Ramos for the 2023~24 B. League season.
Last season, Dwight supported this team with his ability to score, fight for rebounds and create steals.
With the upcoming season in his second year with Levanga Hokkaido, we anticipate that he will be more fit with the team.
In addition, we expect him to be aware that he is not only one of the team’s top scorers, but also one of the leaders to help lead the team to victories.

* Ramos’ comments will be presented on this page after the contract renewal press conference.

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