“Player” from Chonburi FC team drunk and driving, hits villagers in training, 1 dead, seriously 1

FC Chonburi team’s “goalkeeper” Drunk driving a sedan over a curve The villagers walked and practiced, seriously killing one body and another, while teammates quarterback position Drunken insult to the rescue Pretext punch the police

October 26, 2022 time 04.30 Pol Lt Col. Nonthanan Navanam, Deputy Inspector General (Investigation), Muang Chonburi Police Station. It was reported that a car had hit a pedestrian. The incident occurred on the new bridge part 2, Leap Chai Thale Road, Ban Khod Sub-District, Mueang District, Chonburi Province, causing fatalities. and was seriously injured After being informed, he went to check. along with the doctor on duty, Chonburi Hospital, and the Trai Moral Rescue

At the scene, the body of Miss Kanya Phonghasban, 62 years old, was found wearing exercise clothes, right leg broken, head broken, brain scattered. In addition, another person was seriously injured, known as Mr Pong (real name and surname unknown) Having broken the right leg, rescuers took him urgently to Chonburi hospital, about 20 meters away. Officers found the car. Brand Toyota Vios, color black, registration number ಗಕ-8061-Mahasarakham There is a scratch on the front. and the back of the car was overturned. with Mr Worawut Sukuna, 23 years old, or “Bank”, footballer, goalkeeper position. CPD Chonburi football team Claiming to be a drunk driver The police blew an alcohol test at 184 milligrams, but he refused to sign.

Ask Mr. Sawet Jewatcharin, a villager who walks and exercises. An eyewitness revealed that the car. drove very fast then heard a loud noise When I turned to look, I saw the car turn and crash into the footpath. and scattered flames At the time of the accident, the car was speeding towards itself. So he leaned in and hid by the bridge. thus being saved from being hit. Regarding the dead and injured While walking on the side of the road marked as a two-wheel cycle path, he was hit by a car. until causing such injuries and deaths

After the accident, there was an unknown man wearing a white shirt, driving a white fortune, with two people and a big man. by taking the driver into the car But the police and rescue prevented him from going A large man who looked like he was in a state of intoxication. returned to a rant and talked about the rescuers and cursed reporters and cursed the police patrols who came to control the situation and punched a police officer But the officers managed to escape in time. Rescuers and villagers therefore locked up and persuaded to calm down From examining the big man, he knew the name of Mr. Chalermpong Kerdkaew, 36 years old, footballer at the back. Chonburi FC football team too, but no one pointed out anything wrong. so travel back Initially, the police charged Mr Worawut Sukuna with reckless driving resulting in death and injury. and the charge of drunken driving continued to prosecute

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