Players create cosmic celestial galaxies in “Minecraft”, from black holes, solar systems to superclusters | 4 Gamers

The reason why “Minecraft” is addicting to many players is that all its creations consist of building blocks, some require creativity and wisdom, some require persistence and perseverance, and some others require unlimited visions. Chris DaCow’s vision was to create a universe in the world of wheat, and he did.

In the subversion of the Reddit forum, Chris DaCow released the “Merco Universe Galaxy” that he created himself, and received many badge awards and tens of thousands of likes in just one day, because the results he presented is quite amazing. From a distance, you’ll think it’s a galaxy. A closer look reveals that it’s all shimmering squares.


According to ChrisDaCow’s video description, he used World Edit, Galaxy Texture Pack, Distant Horizons Mod and other modules to build the universe, and then used BSL shaders and Optifine tools to optimize the effect of Mod Replay’s recorded video.

From superclusters, black holes, nebulae, and the solar system including Earth, Chris DaCow uses the well-known YouTube music video to create “LIFE BEYOND” video content to find the source of inspiration of these stars as a reference, and create a small universe that exists in the block of wheat.

Creating black holes made him even more inquisitive. Friends who are interested can refer to his video explanation to understand how he created the magical wheat universe.

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