Playing Tomb Raider Lola on GBA is too hardcore – Qooah

Game Boy Advance (GBA for short) is the second-generation portable game console released by Nintendo on March 21, 2001. The biggest feature is the use of a color TFT LCD screen. The famous MOD author XProger recently uploaded a video, using his open source project “OpenLara” to show the effect of running the original “Tomb Raider Lara” on a GBA mobile phone. However, considering that “Tomb Raider Lola” is a large-scale game, GBA game consoles are limited in terms of hardware and cassette capacity, but it is quite powerful to allow “Tomb Raider Lola” to run on GBA. After all, “Tomb Raider Lola” In those days, the game was a few hundred MB, but now I have to put it in a cassette with only 32MB, and it can still run successfully. It’s just that the frame rate won’t be that stable.

XProger said that he spent more than a year testing, modifying and finally transplanting the game. At the beginning, he was not sure whether “Tomb Raider Lola” could run on GBA. After all, there will be limitations in terms of hardware and cassette capacity. certain obstacles. But after many attempts and modifications, the developers finally made an Alpha version that can run.

The developer said on the forum: “There are still many optimizations that need to be done in the future, such as: picture quality, sound, map size, etc. If you want to make the whole game into a 32M cassette, you must make various aspects of content and videos. Improvement. There are only three levels that can be played at the moment.”



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