PlayStation 5 System Software Update Introduces New Features and Improvements

PlayStation 5 System Software Update Introduces New Features

By Guest Contributor

Gigajin, an authoritative online media outlet specializing in gaming news, reported on the 14th that the PlayStation 5 system software has received an eagerly awaited update.

Among the notable additions is the ability to link two managers to a single account, with the option to designate one as a support manager. This enhanced feature allows players to indulge in cooperative gameplay or delegate challenging tasks to an assistant.

Another key improvement is the integration of haptic feedback technology into the PlayStation 5 home screen. Users can now experience subtle vibrations when moving the cursor or receiving notifications, enhancing the overall user experience.

Furthermore, the update brings support for Dolby Atmos compatible devices, delivering an immersive audio experience with sound coming from all directions. Additionally, the party function has been enhanced to allow for the addition or invitation of parties without the need to create a new group.

Engaging with friends’ game sessions has now been simplified, enabling users to effortlessly join their gaming sessions. Additionally, a new feature offers a preview of the shared screen, further enhancing the collaborative gaming experience. The home screen now prominently displays an informative ‘Hub’ section, providing game-related updates and information.

Moreover, this update introduces various other useful features, including improved game support, a comprehensive how-to tips section, and the ability to mute the startup sound for a customized experience.

To update your PlayStation 5, follow these steps: first, navigate to Settings, then proceed to System, and select ‘System software updates and settings’. From there, choose ‘Update via Internet’ and select ‘Update’ to initiate the automatic update process.

[디지털투데이 AI리포터] Gigajin, an online media outlet, reported on the 14th that the PlayStation 5 system software has been updated.

You can now link two managers to one account and designate one of them as a support manager. This way, you can play together or leave difficult tasks to an assistant.

A function to trigger haptic feedback (vibration) when navigating the PlayStation 5 home screen has also been added. Users may feel a vibration when moving the cursor or receiving notifications.

It also supports devices compatible with Dolby Atmos, giving the feeling of sound coming from all directions. The function of the party has also been improved. You can now add or invite parties without creating a new group.

It has become easier to join a friend’s game session, and a preview of the shared screen has also become possible. In addition, an area called ‘Hub’ containing game related information is displayed on the home screen. Additionally, various features have been added, including better game support, the addition of a how-to tips section, and muting the startup sound.

To update your PlayStation 5, first select Settings, then System, and select ‘System software updates and settings’. After that, select ‘Update via Internet’. Finally, select Update to start the automatic update process and you’re done.

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