Please, the Burundian woman is not a child

In the province of Ruyigi, the administrator of the commune Bweru, Mrs. Diane Niyibitanga decreed among other measures (all debatable), the prohibition to the women to circulate beyond 7 p.m. Don’t look too far, the reasons are all found: security, protection and of course the famous morals!

We must protect these poor little vulnerable creatures, incapable of defending themselves and even less of looking after their property, Ms. Niyibitanga surely said to herself, thinking she was doing the right thing. And who says protect, necessarily says monitor, punish, banish, even lock up and if necessary, sequester. And besides, Burundian women, it is known to all, they are responsible for the deterioration of Burundian morals. All sluts!

No, Mrs. Niyibitanga did not have her post in a Kinder surprise. The most virulent think that it is out of ignorance that she allowed herself this little freedom. But I tell myself that our Excellency, the administrator knows her high office well. The laws and regulations of the Res Publica are his hobby. Moreover, it is in application of article 25 of the constitution which says that “Every human being has the right to freedom of person, in particular to physical and mental integrity and to freedom of movement…”, that she has decreed that the women of her locality will only be authorized to circulate after a certain hour, on the arm of their husband. What do you say ? What about widows? Singles? Divorcees? Ah well, those have only to find husbands!

Second class humans?

At a time when we are calling loud and clear for gender equality, the emancipation of women (in all areas), their right to control their bodies, it is surprising to note that some people, a fortiori a woman who holds a position of leadership, put a spoke in our wheels. How can we hope for any development, if the woman is not considered as a human being in her own right with the capacity and the right to provide for her needs, to lead her life and her struggles without the approval of a man.

What is most exasperating to me is to have to come back again and again to the how of why we other Burundian women deserve your consideration. The day when our society will understand that A woman is not a child (the woman is not a child, editor’s note), we will no longer have to waste our time on such themes and will put our strengths and skills at the service of our country.

Before concluding my remarks, I would like to ask Ms. Diane Niyibitanga: “If tomorrow you have to chair a meeting that ends after 7 p.m., do you plan to bring your husband to take you home? »

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