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“Ploy Phat” infected with COVID-19, GMMTV announced postpone the event until recover

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GMMTV travels the newsletter “Ploy Phatchaphatthon” has been infected with COVID-19, but has not experienced any abnormal symptoms. The work will be postponed until it heals.

Found infected with COVID-19 Another case for actors under GMMTV at the latest (30 Apr 2021) of the GMM TV Company Limited has come out to sift through the book announcing that the actress. “Ploy Phatchaphatthonawat” Has been infected by the GMMTV has stated that the message …

“GMMTV would like to inform you that “Ploy Phat – Phatchathorn Thanawat”, an actor under “GMMTV”, was tested for COVID-19 on April 29, 2021 and today (April 30, 2021) the hospital has notified. The results showed that COVID-19 infection, at the moment, “Ploy Phat” has no abnormal symptoms. And is on his way to the hospital In order to receive treatment according to the correct measures, “Ploy Phat” and the Company have gradually informed the people involved and close during the time of risk.

Acknowledged the past Which is currently sorting out the timeline in detail and will inform you once again, all works of “Ploy Phat” will be postponed until recovered. GMMTV thank you for all your support. And everyone’s concern

GMM TV Company Limited

30 April 2021 ”

Which after the agency has notified the said news With fans coming in to encourage and bless the girl Ploy Phat quickly recover Crowded

Thanks for the pictures from Instagram: ployphat23, gmmtv

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