Ploywittaya-Mongkolchai-Tassapon, a Thai boxer, wins a smooth fight at the International Boxing Ifma

Ploywittaya-Mongkolchai-Tassapon, a Thai boxer, wins a smooth fight at the International Boxing Ifma

Three professional Thai boxers, including Ploywittaya Phet Si Muen, Mongkhonchai Khamthongyim (Diamond 98), Tasalop Saophano, all won easily. in IFMA Muay Thai International Competition

International Muay Thai Exhibition “IFMA World Championships 2021” at Nimibutr Building National Stadium Between December 5-11, the competition began for the third day on December 7, organized by Dr. Sakchai Thapsuwan, president of the International Amateur Muay Thai Federation (IFMA), with athletes from over 91 countries participating in the competition. Organized competitions at the same time in 3 stages, with both the general public and youth.

Third day race Men’s general public, lightweight, 60 kg, second round, Cholawit Preidasak or veteran Thai boxer “Ploywittaya Petch Si Muen”, a second-round boxing champion Siam Om Noi Boxing Stadium, southern fighter, worth a hundred thousand Showing strength to defeat Konstantin Trichin of Ukraine through to the third round already.

As for the other two Thai boxers, the middle 75 kg class, Tassapon Saopano (Thai) defeated Andres Chowski of the Czech Republic.

Model 57 kg. Mongkol Artwichian or Thai boxer in the name of Mongkolchai Diamond 98 (Kwai Thong Gym), Lumpinee Stadium Champion degree, 7-color champion, came up to wrestle and hit the knee in exchange for Thai Barlow, a commonwealth fighter like It was fun, but the brake referee suddenly turned to count to eight bars before allowing the fight to continue. Mongkolchai also walked towards Fiercely exchanging weapons The referee entered the count of eight Barlows for the second time. Before the bell ran out, he saved it and came up for the second round. Barlow knew that he was the second to walk in without fear of his dignity. Mongkol jumped and squeezed his neck and wrestled in the boxing ring as an obvious inferior. Exchange weapons for a while. The referee ended the fight for Mongkol Artwichian or Mongkolchai Diamond 98 to defeat all the fight just in the 2nd round.

Other results Middleweight 75 kg Acadius (Poland) defeats Isserwin Faouq (Jordan) in round 3

Model 63.5 kg. Juan David (Colombia) gets a full back elbow, loses by knockout at Ajithjenosen Zellathurai (Germany) in the first round.

57 kg class Mikhail Yakimovic (Bulgaria) lost by point Alexander Abramov (Russia)

57kg class: Fati Deger (Turkey) defeated Miguel Fernandez Zia (Spain)

57 kg class Tomas Shaverra (Colombia) lost by points Syed Alvilat (Iraq)


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