Plus, up to 50% off for a limited time and a free gift Valentine’s Day promotion

Theham (CEO of The Bao Partners: Kim Seung-jin, is running a limited promotion in February to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

In this event, you can meet a number of programs such as the 23-year-old Google OS Plus TV (UHD / QLED) and cellular Android TV with a discount of up to 50%.

When buying a 23-year-old TV Google OS 43-65 inches (UA431QLED, UA651QLED) and Cellulian Blue Android TV 43-65 inches (TA434-AVN22CB, TA654-AVN22CB), TV HDMI Forum official certification 2.1 cable is 100% presented.

When you buy Google OS TV 70-inch – 98-inch (UA701QLED, UA981UDH), Android TV 70-inch (TA704-AVN22CB), Android TV 75-inch (UA752QLED) with LG IPS panel (UA752QLED), TV , set-top box and soundbar available at the same time An integrated controllable remote control is introduced.

Deoham’s first 98-inch Google OS TV (UA981UHD), which has started pre-order, is available at a 43% discount, and when purchased during the promotional period, the Deoham Premium 150W Sound Bar (SN150-221M) which supports 2.1ch and Dolby Atmos is provided free of charge.

For more information about the limited promotion in February, where you can see various programs like Deoham Google OS TV and Android TV at reasonable prices, check out Deoham’s official blog.

Theham official blog:

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