“PM” reveals the export figure for the year 64, growing 17%, exceeding the target value of 270 billion dollars

Friday, January 21, 2022, 2:43 p.m.

On Friday, January 21, 2022, Mr. Jurin Laksanawisit, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Commerce, announced Thai exports for December 2021 and the whole year 2021, along with Mr. Bunyarit Kalayanamit, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Commerce, Mr. Ronnarong Poonpipat, who Director of the Office of Trade Policy and Strategy Mr. Phusit Rattanakul Sereeruengrit Director-General of the Department of International Trade Promotion Mr. Pitak Udomwichaiwat Director-General of the Department of Foreign Trade and Mr. Wattanasak Sueaiam, Director-General of the Department of Internal Trade At Burachat Chaiyakorn room, 4th floor, the Permanent Secretary building Ministry of Commerce through the Zoom Conference system

Mr. Jurin Laksanawisit, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Commerce revealed that the export figures for December 2021, the overall export figures for the year 2021 and the export forecast for the year 2022 Export figures for December 2021 are +24.2%, valued at US$ 24,930.3 million (810,712 million baht) in 3 major categories: agricultural products, agro-industrial products. and industrial products in the first category: Agricultural products in December expanded for the 14th month +21.1%, valued at 72,513 million baht. Interesting figures such as fresh mangosteen, a growth of 871.4%, fresh durian, a 254.9% growth, and fresh mangos, a 70.6% growth. Cassava grew 48.1%, rubber grew 22.7%.

while the second category Agro-industrial products expanded for the 10th consecutive month, at +24.1%, with a value of 55,735 million baht. Importantly, such as sugar +123.9%, fresh, chilled, frozen fruit, dried, canned and processed fruit +24.5%, and pet food. +35.4%and the third category industrial products Growth for the 10th consecutive month +24.0% or 653,336 million baht Major products such as automobiles, equipment and components, 14 consecutive months growth +45.0% Oil-related products +34% Gems and jewelry +29.3% Computers, equipment and components +28.6% Iron, Steel and Products +28.4% Air Conditioning and Components +25.8%

by in December High growth markets such as Australia +54.4%, Russia and CIS countries +45.8%, US +36.5%, Latin America +36.5%, ASEAN +35% and Africa +34.1%, Middle East are our future targets. +29.5% etc.

For the whole year 2021, the full year is positive beyond the target set at 4%, up to 17.1%, exceeding the forecast in the latter period of 15-16%, valued at US$271,173.5 million, or 8,542,103 million baht. important including agricultural products Agricultural and industrial products As for agricultural products in 2021, a total positive 23.5%, representing 819,831 million baht, high-expansion products such as durian +68.4%, made 109,206 million baht, rubber +58.6%, 175,978 million baht, fresh mango 51.9% brought money Enter the country 2,935 million baht, cassava products +46.7%, bring in 123,357 million baht, and mangosteen is a rising star +15.0%, bring 17,090 million baht into the country.

second category Agro-industrial products +6.7% Bring money into the country 607,228 million baht Major products such as fresh, chilled, frozen, dried fruit, canned and processed +38.5% Import 250,162 million baht Pet food Has been a rising star since 63-64 + 23.2% made money entering the country 77,808 million baht while the third category Industrial goods +16.0% worth 6,790,161 million baht, for example, oil-related products +48.5% Make money in the country 962,461 million baht Iron, steel and products +40.1% Bring money into the country 214,342 million baht Gems and jewelry + 26.5% bring money into the country 194,706 million baht, cars, equipment and components +36.2%, bring money into the country 914,103 million baht, air conditioners and components +23.5%, make money into the country 203,060 million baht. Finally, computers Equipment and components +18% made 695,024 million baht in the country.

However, there are important factors that support the success of exports in 2021. 1. Collaboration between the Ministry of Commerce and the private sector in the form of Commerce Ministry that goes down to solve problems in a timely manner and the provincial salesman team Country salesman team Organize activities that promote sales of the Ministry of Commerce in the form of OBM (Online Business Matching), including accelerating penetration of the secondary city market in the form of Mini-FTA, and proactive fruit management measures that solve the problem of specifying measures from the beginning While the fruit has not yet come out, the obstacles in exporting can be minimized and move forward.

2. Due to the continuous recovery of key trading partners 3. Global manufacturing sector expands in 2021, as can be seen from the PMI (Global Manufacturing PMI or World Manufacturing Purchasing Managers’ Index) account that exceeds 50 to 18 consecutive months. 4. The baht has not appreciated. This allows us to compete in price with competitors in the international market. 5. Higher oil prices, which have 2 aspects: will increase our costs However, it is a positive factor that increases the value of oil-related exports.

By 2022, it is possible that by 2022, Thai exports will continue to be positive. It is forecasted that there is a probability of up 3 -4% with the total yearly value of 270,000-282,000 million USD or equivalent to 9.08-9.16 trillion baht

The factors that will support exports in 2022 include: 1. economic expansion and imports from major trading partners expanded 2. The baht is still at a level that is conducive to exports 3. It is expected that the volume of containers will increase and reach a balance between the middle of this year and the end of the year. 4. The growth of the digital economy The world market has a demand for IT products. Smart devices that we are also exporting Expected severity of COVID-19 will be reduced, reducing the barriers to trade negotiations 6. Aim that the enforcement of RCEP starting January 1, 2022 will help promote the number of Thai exports to 14 ASEAN member countries with greater flexibility and convenience. Because many figures are zero tax. And the Ministry of Commerce prepares in advance and offers certificates of origin, important documents that will benefit from the RCEP agreement for Thai exporters.

When asked what products will be rising stars next year and which products are not exporting well. And how will there be a plan for exports to expand better? Mr. Ronnak Poonpipat, director of the Office of Trade Policy and Strategy, said that the rising star products are the same products because in 2022 there will be continued exports in agricultural products. Fresh fruit, frozen fruit, and pharmaceutical and pharmaceutical products especially in Thailand, the export of rubber gloves continues to grow, agro-industrial products. It continues to grow in sugar. pet food Industrial products, automobiles, oil-related products, jewelry, computers and air conditioners, etc.

Mr. Phusit Rattanakul Sereeruengrit Director-General of the Department of International Trade Promotion said that BCG products that the Department of International Trade Promotion will try to drive in this respect. both food of the future Pet food, packaging, lifestyle or herbal cosmetics are likely products that have an opportunity to expand. As for the export plan of 2022, the Department of International Trade Promotion has a variety of activities, about 152 activities that will invade the existing potential markets and open up new markets. Expanding the proportion of Thai products exports to the world market to the markets that are secondary cities

Mr. Jurin added that for the year 2022, it will focus on making income into the country from Soft Power, which has been ordered as a policy of the Ministry of Commerce. because we started working for a while especially on digital content, animation, movies and others. which generates a certain level of income into the country, but in 2022 will support intensely from the Ministry of Commerce



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