Po Nattawut complained to the media when he saw his wife’s see-through shirt. I thought the robe was invisible!!

Po Nattawut complains to the media when she sees Ae Pornthip’s see-through shirt, a slim model showing off her spiciness in a bikini that is beyond resistance. thought the cloak was invisible

Oh, eh

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Beautiful aura catches up every day until the husband is very jealous for Ae Pornthip beautiful wife of Po Nattawut Having said that, the person takes care of themselves very well until their beauty explodes. Plus, the figure is so perfect that it’s almost unbelievable that she’s a mother of two.

Most recently (January 23, 2022), Po then complained and hung up on his beautiful wife Khun Sri in the media after seeing Ae in a bikini showing off her spiciness, which the other party previously wore a see-through shirt over it. sexy But as soon as it was removed, it splashed all over the eyes.

By Bo, even saying that “Right now I’m wearing a see-through shirt, slim model!! I can’t see the shirt at all. Hmmm, can we now wear bras and walk to eat? This is definitely a different star from where we came from. Eat some food and wipe your nosebleed. Our hearts are staring at one pose!! #Director #President of the Jimmy Center of Thailand

only not enough Bo also cut and made a shirt for Ae. Hide your wife’s spiciness completely. Both chubby breasts and flat stomach, fragile waist “Director (short for Husband Ae) would like to make some adjustments. The clothes are a little tight. The pants were chosen to increase the waist by 2 inches. Close the cuffs completely. The shirt also fills the strap a bit bigger. In conclusion, fill it all. it looks more beautiful Prevent the flow of nosebleeds. Director has it. Director. Let me tell you. From now on, I have to retouch every photo for the director’s nostril health. There will be another trip to the sea soon. I doubt that you must be tired again. #Director. People lost in wife. #President of the Jimmy Protection Association of Thailand #Laughing at people commenting that if the director accidentally looks at any other Jimmy, he will submit the story of the director cut hum……

Ae Pornthip

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At this event, friends, celebrities and fans came to comment and tease each other that Huang was able to see that the wife was very beautiful, the most popular. One ha…

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