POCSO for 73-year-old; A complaint was lodged with the Chief Minister that a young woman in the neighborhood was trapped for informing her son about the VAT excise in the house

Kollam: A 73-year-old Scheduled Caste woman has lodged a complaint with the Chief Minister alleging that she was booked in a poxo case for molesting a 14-year-old boy. The complaint alleges that the incident took place in protest of his son informing Excise that he was drinking alcohol at a neighbour’s house.

The complaint was lodged by a woman from Kulathupuzha, Kollam. Mrs.’s son reported the liquor vat excise at a neighbor’s farm house. Following this, a young woman from the neighboring house filed a poxo case against her. A complaint was lodged against the woman alleging that she had molested her 14-year-old son. In this case, she had to spend 45 days in jail. With this, a complaint was lodged with the Chief Minister demanding re-investigation of the case and action against the culprits.

She says she was taken home by police after being vaccinated. He was taken to the station saying he would be back soon. When he was produced in court from there, he was remanded in custody on bail. She said she had not been told the details of the case or heard arguments. She demanded that the incident be re-investigated and action be taken against those who were caught in a fake case as a Scheduled Caste woman.

The son had called the excise and informed them that there was a liquor raid on the farm house in the neighbor’s house. Excise raids were then carried out at the spot. It is alleged that the woman was caught in the poxo case to settle the feud over the incident.

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In another incident reported yesterday, a young man was arrested for trying to seduce a man by burying alcohol in the backyard of a neighbour’s house. Jishnu Ramakrishnan (26), a resident of Palappilly, Thrissur was arrested. The first accused in the case, Rajesh (41) was earlier arrested at Palappilly Pallath house. The incident took place on April 8. Satheesh, a neighbor and KSEB employee, had questioned Rajesh, who runs a grocery shop in Palapilli, for crossing the road and concreting a small bridge on the way home. He also lodged a complaint with the authorities. Following this, Rajesh had to demolish the bridge. According to the police, resentment over the demolition of the bridge was the reason for the scam. Rajesh and his friend Jishnu drank five liters of liquor and buried it behind Satheesh’s new house. The liquor was buried in five bottles. Jishnu then informed the police over the phone. According to the information received, the police conducted an inspection and found alcohol.

But the police, who were suspicious of the secret phone message, conducted a detailed investigation and found the real culprits. With this Rajesh and Jishnu went into hiding. Rajesh was arrested on June 31. With this Jishnu entered Mangalore. However, Jishnu, who had secretly returned home the previous day, was caught by the police while returning from a secret visit to his wife’s house in Vellikulangara. Jishnu was nabbed by Koratty Inspector BK Arun and his team.



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