Poetry to celebrate Trump's 73th birthday

Poetry to celebrate Trump's 73th birthday

Friday is the 73th birthday of President Donald Trump.

Have you still given him a gift? No? Good! Because I hear from a source that is not reliable but Trump has mercy on gifts since the Queen Elizabeth gave him a book (egg!).

So instead of gifts, the president asked for original poems to make singing this year from the people closest to him. Very few people noticed me.

Here you are.

Ivanka Trump

Happy birthday, dear dad,

Thank you from your favorite child.

Since you are the president

My bank account has gone wild!

Jared Kushner

Happy birthday, daddy-law,

You know I am always true.

How do we get that good?

My father was like you!

Kim Jung One

You are the greatest man ever to live!

The stable artist is known!

Does your decor work well?

Is the pope still living in Rome?

Stormy Daniels

Happy birthday, my orange honor!

Think of our great fun night?

Oh that you have forgotten now, I know.

Guess happens when you get old.

Vladimir Putin

Happy birthday, comrade!

I mean, my favorite man.

How you do just that

I want, almost, it makes me cry!

Melania Trump

All you did for me,

I can't count the ways.

How long has this been around?

About 500 days!

Donald Trump Jr.

You're a special dad, indeed

This is a good thing I know.

But now I can indict me.

Hey pops, where did you go?

Kellyanne Conway

Happy birthday to my boss!

The hacks are the critics.

Sorry that husband, George,

The leader is the package!

George Conway

You don't know what you're doing!

The White House is a mess!

Where can I get my information?

Hmm, can you guess?

Robert Mueller

I'm not saying you're not guilty,

I'm not saying that you crook.

I don't say much,

'Cause soon I'll have a book!

George W. Bush

Happy Birthday, Donald.

Enjoy, I think, you should.

I am grateful that you are the president.

I look like I do!

Nancy Pelosi

They are asking me to influence you

but I think it's a trap.

So I celebrate my normal way.

Donald, this is your applause.

Playwright Mike Vogel followed @ mikewrite7.

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