Poetry to mark Trump's 73rd

Poetry to mark Trump's 73rd

Have you gotten the president yet?

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and President President
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and President President Photo Credit: Courtesy of Anina Gerchick

73rd birthday. T

Have you gotten him a gift yet? No? Good! Queen Elizabeth gifted him a (ugh!) Book. . T I've gotten a sneak peek at a few. Here you go.

Ivanka Trump

Happy birthday, daddy dear,

Thanks from your favorite child.

Since you´ve become the president

My bank account’s gone wild!

Jared Kushner

Happy birthday, dad-in-law,

You know I am always true.

How do we get along so better?

My dad was just like you!

Kim Jung One

You are the greatest man who ever lived!

The stablest genius known!

Doesn't flattery work better on you?

Does the pope still live in Rome?

Stormy Daniels

Happy birthday, my orange this!

Remember our great night of fun?

Oh youʼve forgotten now, I've told me.

Guess that happens when you get old.

Vladimir Putin

Happy birthday, comrade!

I mean, my favorite guy.

The way you just what

I want, it almost makes me cry!

Melania Trump

All that you have done for me,

I cannot count the ways.

How long is this over?

About 500 days!

Donald Trump Jr

You are indeed a special father,

That’s something I well know.

But now they may indict me.

Hey pops, where did you go?

Kelly Anne Conway

Happy birthday to my boss!

Your critics are all hacks.

So sorry that my husband, George,

is the leader of the pack!

George Conway

You dont know what you're doing!

The White House is a mess!

Where do I get my info?

Hmm, can you take a guess?

Robert Mueller

Not said,

I'm not saying you are a crook.

I don't say much of anything,

Cause soon I’ll have a book!

George W. Bush

Happy birthday, Donald.

Enjoy, I think you should.

To my grateful you´re the president.

You make me look good!

Nancy Pelosi

They want me to impeach you

a trap.

So, to celebrate my usual way.

Donald, here's your clap.

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