Poison Omicron! South Korea’s daily coronavirus cases top 8,000 for the first time

Number of people infected with COVID-19 Daily in South Korea surpasses 8,000 for the first time. This is caused by the “Omicron” strain that continues to spread rapidly. Even though the government has ordered the restoration of social strict measures

The South Korean Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (KDCA) reported 8,571 new infections in the 24-hour period on Monday, breaking the daily record of 7,848 cases in mid-December.

South Korean authorities have confirmed that omikron has become the dominant strain in the country, accounting for 50.3% of the total number of new infections over the past week.

The South Korean government restored social distancing measures in December after the number of daily infections hit a new record. and there are more severe cases of coronavirus Until the risk of tightening the public health system before South Korea faces the wave of “Omicron” outbreak.

The number of infections in South Korea had nearly halved to around 4,000 a day this month. before rebounding in the last week due to the influence of omikron. While many are concerned that the numbers may skyrocket after the lunar New Year holiday. Tens of millions of South Koreans will return to their homeland to visit their families.

Prime Minister Kim Bu-kyum issued a special statement on Wednesday urging South Koreans to avoid travel and gatherings during the festival. which will start on this coming Saturday (29)

South Korea has had a total cumulative total of 733,902 infections and 6,540 deaths, according to the latest KDCA data, while nearly 95% of the adult population has been vaccinated and nearly 58 percent have received the 3rd dose booster vaccination.

source: Reuters



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