“Pok-Margie” opens a clip of evidence from the moment the twins “Mica-Miya” ran away from home

Make your parents superstars Margie Rarri a Pok-Passorn Chirathivat Surprised when he learned that his daughter and son were twins Mika – Mia Grow up to be able to help yourself Whether it can turn on the light, turn on the TV by itself, turn on the air conditioner and more.

In this event, they both took the opportunity to install cameras to watch their children’s behaviour. by creating a situation “No one’s home” to check that Mika – Mia How will you help yourself? If you wake up and you don’t see a nanny and a single parent.

The story was shared via YouTube channel @Mindset TV in the episode titled Mika Mia ran away from home! | Pockety on the run SS5 EP5 which will reveal how to survive Mika – Mia As well as the two brothers who will help each other fully. The shock that made parents like Pok a Margie Wow very heavy!! is to see children You can open the door of the house to go to the nanny alone.

In addition, while the whole family is watching the tape from the CCTV Pok a Margie Still giving advice, reprimanding and emphasizing the safety of the children all the time, while fans come to comment on the cuteness of the two star twins. Mika – Mia together overwhelmingly

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