Pokemon GO, Bulbasaur Reprint Community Day event starts at 14:00 on the 22nd.Capture XP 3x Bonus-Engadget Japan Version

The first Pokemon GO attempt, Reprint Community Day, will be held today from 14:00 to 17:00 on Saturday, January 22nd.

It is “Bulbasaur” that occurs in large numbers. It will be the leading role for the first time in about 4 years since the 3rd Community Day in March 2018.

Pokemon GO Community Day (Reprint): Bulbasaur Event Overview (January 2022)

Date and time


  • Bulbasaur outbreak in the wild

  • Evolved into Venusaur to learn “Hard Plant” (from the start of the event to 19:00)

  • XP 3 times when capturing Pokemon

  • Let’s lure last for 3 hours

  • Surprise with GO snapshot (appears on the map after Bulbasaur is reflected)

  • 120 yen special research “Bulbasaur Community Day (reprint)” sale

  • Sale of Community Daybox including 1 Amazing Machine Special for 1280 coins

  • 30 hyperball special boxes are free at the shop

Bulbasaur has appeared frequently since Community Day four years ago, but as the number of systems such as Mega Shinka and Ame XL that did not exist before has increased, the reprint CD is a good opportunity to obtain excellent individuals of different colors and purposes again. is.

If you purchase tickets for the big event “Pokemon GO Tour: Johto Region” at the end of February early, you can participate in the monthly time challenge “XP Challenge” until the end of this month. If you haven’t done much this month, the XP triple bonus is at the time of earning.

In Pokemon GO and Johto Tour, a new evolution group of gold and silver has also appeared.Effie Blackie is exempt from 10km and learns limited moves

Today, a monthly community day is being held at “Pikmin Bloom,” which is run by Niantic, the same as Pokemon GO.

Pikmin is held all day until 23:59, but since it is not necessary to check the screen so often and it is easy to parallel with Pokemon, it may be good to aim for 10,000 steps while earning Bulbasaur and XP. ..

Pikmin Bloom 3rd Community Day Held, “Tsubaki” Coin Increase Bonus This Month

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