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“Pokemon Go” developer Niantic receives USD 300 million investment from Coatue to build the real world of Metaverse

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“Pokemon Go” developer Niantic announced today that it has received 300 million US dollars in funding to create the “Metaverse Real World”, and the funds come from the technology investment management company Coatue Management. This investment brings Niantic’s valuation to $9 billion. And Niantic will invest this money in existing games and new apps, while expanding the Lightship developer platform while building its vision for the real world of Metaverse.

Niantic CEO John Hanke said that Niantic is building a real-world future covered by digital creation, entertainment and information, and trying to make it more magical, interesting and rich. This will require a lot of investment in talents, technology and imagination. I am very happy to embark on this journey with Coatue.

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Coatue partner Matt Mazzeo said that Niantic is building an AR platform based on a 3D world map, and we believe that this platform will play a key role in the next transformation of computing. I am very happy to work with Niantic because they foresee that this infrastructure will support the Metaverse in the real world and help drive the next innovation in the network.

Earlier this month, Niantic officially launched the Lightship platform, allowing developers all over the world to realize their vision of augmented reality, the real world Metaverse. The Lightship platform is the foundation of Niantic products, built with years of experience in developing and operating works from Ingress to Pokémon GO and Pikmin Bloom.

Niantic also announced the establishment of Niantic Ventures to invest and cooperate with companies that will build the future of AR. Niantic Ventures’ initial capital of US$20 million will be used to invest in companies that have the same vision as Niantic to “build applications and realize the real-world Metaverse” and contribute to the global economic system it is building.


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